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Computers are harsh, inanimate creatures. When you screw up, by clicking Delete instead of Rename on a context menu, computers do what you tell them to without any guilt. People often consider backups valuable only when their entire computer crashes and burns (sometimes literally). Backups save data then, obviously, but they also work in less disastrous situations. Delete some work les because you think you don t need them anymore, then change your mind A backup will save them. All those photos you ve been archiving If they re only on one hard disk, and that disk fails or something else happens, those photos are gone. The MP3 les you copied from your own, legal, CDs Sure, you can copy them again off the CDs, but wouldn t you rather have a handy backup of those music les Businesses particularly need backups, for internal reasons and often to comply with government regulations. Individuals may not go out of business if they lose their les. Want to face your IRS ling deadline after you realize that last year s les were on that PC you traded in for your new one Learn to make backups.
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You may not want to share your accounting les with the entire family, and you can certainly keep them private on your home server. But you may want to share photos, music les, family trees, electronic greeting cards, downloaded jokes, books online, or sound effects. You can do all that, and more, with shared, centralized storage, such as that provided by a server.
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Some people believe, and I m one of them, that the biggest kick start to the local area network industry was the original HP LaserJet printer. Those rst printers fascinated businesses as employees demanded to have their own LaserJets.
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10 Server and Storage Options
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But because the price was high, sharing printers over a new-fangled network became the plan. Today you can buy a new inkjet printer for less than you spend on replacement ink cartridges for the same printer (at least for some low-end printers), so the urge to share printers has dropped. Yet some printers, such as high-end photo printers, are far too expensive to put on every computer in the house. Besides, photo printers aren t the best things to use for school reports or business presentations. The modern wired household may have as many printers as computers. With a network and some centralized control, you can share the printing wealth with little effort and no hassle.
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Any computer you can get your hands on physically is not a secure computer. If you don t want to share the les on your personal computer with everyone in the house, you can put those les on a server. Because you don t type or view a server, you can lock it up or hide it in a closet. (I ve seen this, believe it or not.) And because some servers have no keyboard, mouse, monitor, or CD-ROM drive, the information inside that server can be reached only by a network user with the correct username and password. Here s a basic guideline for public and private le storage folder on a server: Public
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Dad Mom Child-1 Child-2 Dog Finances
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In the folder organization shown, everyone will have access to the Public folder and all folders contained therein. Inside the Private folder, each user will have access to the one folder set up for them and them only. Although I suppose the Finances folder can be shared among the parents only, especially when they re spending the children s inheritance. The server operating system requires a username and password to grant access to the server resources. When, for example, Child-1 (Alex, in this case) provides the correct username and password, the server allows Alex to see all the Public
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