Part II Practicing Safe Broadband in .NET

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202 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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When you are in an apartment or other multitenant situation, your broadband service provider choice may be completely out of your hands. Verify that the apartment you want to move into has an adequate broadband access system for your needs. If some adjustments will make your connections better, ask. But ask before you sign the lease, because when the ink dries on your lease, you re stuck with the conditions inside the lease and any additions you made.
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Moving from Stand-Alone PCs to a Network
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10 Server and Storage Options 11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking 12 What You Need to Know About TCP/IP Networks and Routing 13 Backup and Disaster Recovery
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onnecting to a broadband service provider pushes you to connect other devices to broadband as well. After all, for a few extra dollars every computer in the house can enjoy fast broadband sur ng. The software side of networking includes con guring devices, handling network addresses, and a bit about secure network routing. Underneath it all is TCP/IP, the protocol that connects the Internet (and just about everything else in the world today). More computing means more people making more data and more reasons to protect that data. A little planning will avoid lost les and accidentally deleted documents, and keep your favorite les, photos, and music safe and sound.
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Server and Storage Options
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Organizing your home systems Saving les centrally Choosing network storage Installing and con guring appliances Securing your home network Backup data warning
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o one ever has enough space. Not enough space in their closet, their garage, or their hard disk. After you start relying on your computer, the disk space melts away like a snowball in July.
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The solution to this problem isn t to stop relying on your computer but to manage your data better. Adding more storage without a plan makes it harder to nd what you re looking for. But adding storage as a way to share data, streamline controlling data, and ensure data is protected makes computing life much easier.
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Why You Want a Home Server
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I ve had friends laugh at me when I ve told them they will need dedicated le servers in their homes before long. They accused me of being a shill for server companies. Then I tell them they will need to buy more computer books, and they accuse me of being a shill for publishers. I won t argue that I d like to see more computer books sold (especially the ones with my name on them, because I m being honest), but I will argue with the rst part. You can make a home server without buying a new box of any kind. The goal is to gain the important bene ts a home server provides. A server serves, so a home server provides a centralized storage location for les of all types, including documents, photos, music, and nancial records. Servers often provide security and authentication for users, blocking those not
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206 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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de ned in the system and allowing identi ed users access to certain areas only (if you wish to be restrictive). Business servers also host databases, Web servers, and e-mail servers. I walk around the houses of my accusatory friends and start pointing. There s the family computer, which usually means it s too slow for the kids to play games on. That means there s at least one computer for the children, and often each child has his or her own computer. If one or both parents work for a large company, there s at least one laptop, and often two. The conversations tend to go like this: What s on that computer I ask, pointing to the family system. Nothing much. Nothing all that important. Really I ask, looking at their digital camera. Where are the images from your digital camera Turns out they re on that computer and scattered around the children s computers as well. But when I ask to see the Christmas pictures from 2 years back, no one remembers where they are. A search ensues until I stop them. Where are your online banking les Where are your nancial records Turns out that nothing much computer data includes their nancial history. It also includes e-mails going back years, including some from family members no longer around. Are there printed copies of those e-mails No. Are there backed up copies No. The kid s computer(s) generally include homework, study notes, and personal items like pictures from friends. How would you feel if I replaced that computer with a brand new, faster unit Kewl. What if all your data went to the dump with the old computer Can t do that. What about music Kids tend to have plenty of MP3 music les on their hard disks, some from downloading and some from copying les off the physical CDs they own. Would you like to play those les on your stereo Kewl. Just run a long cable from your room to the stereo. Not kewl. Need a server. Company laptop owners often create PowerPoint presentations on their home computer, and then e-mail them to themselves at work. Why Getting the presentations from their home computer to the laptop means more effort than they want to face.
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