Secret #226: Personalize Your AltaVista Search Results in .NET

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Secret #226: Personalize Your AltaVista Search Results
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You can customize what AltaVista displays on its search results pages by click ing the Settings link on AltaVista s home page. This opens the Settings page, where you can change the language of your search results and AltaVista s site controls; turn on or off the Family Filter; determine how much information is displayed about each listing; and determine how you want your results dis played. Just make your selections and then click the Save Your Settings button.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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Secret #227: Narrow Your Search Results with AltaVista Prisma
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AltaVista employs a technology it calls Prisma to display a list of topics closely related to your original query on your search results page. These topics are actually the most common terms contained on the Web pages that match your query. You can click these links to further refine your search. When you click on a Prisma word, AltaVista automatically adds that word to your original query and then displays a new set of results. For example, if you search for dinosaur, one of the Prisma topics listed is Fossils. Click the Fossils link and AltaVista displays a new page of results (about dinosaur fossils) that are more targeted than your original results. You can use Prisma to refine your search twice in a row. You can also choose to search for the Prisma topic only (without invoking your original search) by clicking on the >> link next to the topic.
Secret #228: Expand Your Search with the Open Directory
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Like Google, AltaVista uses the Open Directory to supplement its regular search index. AltaVista s version of the Open Directory is called the AltaVista Global Directory, and assembles hand-picked entries into a browseable-bycategory list. You access the directory by clicking the Directory tab on the AltaVista home page.
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Secret #229: Search for Images
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When you re searching for images on the Web, it s hard to beat AltaVista s Image Search. When you click the Images tab on the AltaVista home page, the search page changes to display a number of new options. What s interesting about AltaVista s Image Search is that you can easily narrow down your search to specific types of images. For example, you can choose to search for just pho tos, graphics, or buttons/banners. You can also narrow your search to blackand-white or color images; images from the Web, news sources,, or; and images of a particular file size. Click the Find button and AltaVista displays your results as a series of thumbnail images. Click a thumb nail to go to the hosting Web page.
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Secret #230: Search for MP3 and Audio Files
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AltaVista also offers a fairly robust audio search. Select the MP3/Audio tab on the AltaVista home page and the search page changes to display a number of
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9: AltaVista Secrets
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audio-specific options. You can choose to search for specific file types (MP3, WAV, WindowsMedia, Real, or other), songs of a particular length, and files from either the Web or from news sources. The Duration field is particularly interesting, as you can use it to filter sample files from your search; these files are typically short (less than one minute in length), so setting the Duration to > 1 Minute will usually return full-length songs. Search results detail (when available) the length of the file, whether it s mono or stereo, and who holds the copyright.
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Secret #231: Search for Video Files
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If you like AltaVista s audio search, you ll really love its video search. You can use the Video Search to find movie trailers, music videos, video clips, and other movies anywhere on the Internet. When you select the Video tab on the home page, the search page changes to let you search for specific file types (AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real, and other), as well as files of a spe cific duration or from a specific type of source. The results are returned as a series of thumbnail images; click any thumbnail to play back the selected file.
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