Secret #221: Search for Pages That Link to a Given Page in .NET

Maker barcode 39 in .NET Secret #221: Search for Pages That Link to a Given Page
Secret #221: Search for Pages That Link to a Given Page
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Maybe you want to find pages that link to a given page figuring, perhaps cor rectly, that these linked pages might contain similarly useful information. In this instance, you use the link: operator, followed by the first page s URL. So, for example, if you want to see all the pages that link to IBM s home page, you d enter
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Secret #222: Speed Up Your Search with AltaVista Shortcuts
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AltaVista provides a number of shortcuts you can use to go directly to certain types of results. For example, if you enter maps, AltaVista displays a form in which you can enter the city you want to map; if you enter map of san francisco, AltaVista skips the form and goes directly to a map of San Francisco.
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Some of these AltaVista shortcuts lead to services provided by third parties; some of these parties pay AltaVista for the links.
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Table 9-1 details these shortcuts.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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Table 9-1: AltaVista Search Shortcuts
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Type of shortcut Area codes Enter area codes or areacode or area code of city directions or directions to location exchange rates or conversion rate currency images of keyword or pictures of keyword city or zipcode maps or map of location showtimes or showtimes movie trailer movie cooking with food or food recipes or recipes downloads or download software quote stock time zones or time in location location weather whitepages city yellowpages zip codes or zipcode or zip code of city Use Display area code(s) for a city or the city associated with a specific area code Displays a link to driving directions Displays a link to the current exchange rates or specific conversion Displays thumbnail images of particular person or item Displays local weather and links to other local information Displays a link to a map of the specified city Displays links to movie show times Displays links to movie trailers Displays a link to recipes
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Driving directions Exchange rates
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Images Local information Maps Movie showtimes Movie trailers Recipes
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Software downloads Stock quotes Time Weather White pages Yellow pages zip codes
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Displays a link to a download page for that software Displays the latest quotes for a specific stock symbol Displays list of time zones or current time in specified location Displays weather conditions and forecast for specified city or state Displays a form you can use to enter a person s name Displays yellow pages for specified city Display zip code(s) for a city or the city associated with a specific area code
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9: AltaVista Secrets
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Secret #223: Apply More Precision to Your Searches
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While you can use Boolean operators in the normal AltaVista search box, you might find it easier to construct advanced queries by using a fill in the form approach. AltaVista lets you do this from its home page (without going to the Advanced Search page discussed next) by means of its More Precision form. Just click the More Precision link next to the Find button and then fill in the blanks to search for all these words, this exact phrase, any of these words, or none of these words. Click the Find button to initiate your search.
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Secret #224: Fine-Tune Your Search with AltaVista s Advanced Web Search Page
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Even more powerful searching is possible from AltaVista s Advanced Web Search page ( This page lets you build your query by entering keywords into a combination of text boxes. You can also cre ate a free-form Boolean query, select how your results are displayed, and choose which domains or Web sites you want to search in. There s also an option to restrict your search to a specific date or time range and it s all as easy as making the appropriate menu selections.
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Secret #225: Filter AltaVista s Search Results for Family Consumption
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AltaVista s Family Filter analyzes the results of any search and automatically excludes those pages that contain adult or otherwise objectionable content. To activate the Family Filter, click the Settings link on the AltaVista home page and then click the Family Filter link. You can choose to filter all your results or only multimedia (images, video, and audio) files. This last option is particularly helpful when you re searching for images or videos; these types of searches, for whatever reasons, often return a fair amount of adult sites in their results.