Figure 8-4: Search for news on the Ask Jeeves Search News page. in .NET

Include bar code 39 in .NET Figure 8-4: Search for news on the Ask Jeeves Search News page.
Figure 8-4: Search for news on the Ask Jeeves Search News page.
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Secret #201: Search Ask Jeeves for Products
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If you re looking to spend your hard-earned money, you can use Ask Jeeves shopping search. The site partners with to offer a wide selection of merchandise from a large number of Internet merchants; just click the Search Products icon on the Ask Jeeves home page to display the Search Products page shown in Figure 8-5. From here you can browse by category or search for specific products. When you conduct a product search, the search results page displays pictures of matching products organized by shopping category. You can also filter results by manufacturer or category, or compare product features, prices, and brands.
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8: Ask Jeeves Secrets
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Figure 8-5: Search for products or browse through product categories.
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Secret #202: Limit Your Exposure to Adult Content
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Ask Jeeves, like most current search engines, offers a content filter to block potentially offensive listings from its search results. In fact, the Ask Jeeves filter is unusual in that it can be configured to not only block adult content but also to display a warning page whenever you enter a query containing certain sexually oriented terms. Unfortunately, Ask Jeeves does a good job of hiding its filter. You ll need to go to and then select from one of three options: Limit my exposure to Adult content within the search results. Always display Adult content in the search results without first dis playing a warning page. Always display a warning page when a sexually explicit search is run.
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Secret #203: A Better Kids-Friendly Search Ask Jeeves Kids
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One of the coolest parts of the Ask Jeeves site is that part devoted to the younger set Ask Jeeves Kids ( Searches performed from the Ask Jeeves Kids page produce extremely user-friendly results results that are quite similar to those from the original (pre-Teoma) Ask Jeeves site.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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As you can see in Figure 8-6, Ask Jeeves Kids responds to your question with questions of its own. It analyzes your query and then tells you that it knows the answers to a list of questions. Pick the question that best matches your question, fine-tune the question by making a selection from the pull-down topic list, and then click the Ask button to provide a list of more traditional search results.
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Figure 8-6: The results of a search with Ask Jeeves Kids.
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Ask Jeeves Kids also lists matches to your query culled from other kids-friendly search engines. Just pull down the list of topics to go to the matching questions.
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Secret #204: Use Ask Jeeves Kids for a Variety of Study Tools
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What most users don t know is that Ask Jeeves Kids offers an extremely broad selection of study and reference tools that are useful for students of all ages. As you can see in Figure 8-7, Ask Jeeves Kids lists these tools on the right side of the page in the Study Tools column. What tools are available Here s a short list: Dictionary: Results from Word Central s Student Dictionary Thesaurus: Results from the online version of Roget s Thesaurus Almanac: Results from the Information Please Fact Monster Almanac Biography: Biographical entries from Ask Jeeves own search index Science: Science-related entries from Ask Jeeves own search index Clip art: All sorts of downloadable images from The Kids Domain Astronomy: Astronomy-related entries from Ask Jeeves own search index World atlas: Maps from Encarta Online Math help: Math-related entries from Ask Jeeves own search index History: History-related entries from Ask Jeeves own search index
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8: Ask Jeeves Secrets
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Figure 8-7: Study tools available at Ask Jeeves Kids.
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Secret #205: Find Out What s Hot
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If you want to find out what other Ask Jeeves users are asking about, go to the Jeeves IQ page. Just click the Top Searches icon on the Ask Jeeves home page and you ll get a list of the top ten searches for the preceding week, along with the top advancing searches for the same week those searches that are increas ing in frequency.
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Secret #206: Put an Ask Jeeves Toolbar in Your Browser
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If you want to access Ask Jeeves from wherever you are on the Web, you ll want to install the Ask Jeeves Toolbar in the Web browser Internet Explorer only, Windows versions 5.0 or higher. As you can see in Figure 8-8, this toolbar lets you enter queries into its search box and then sends your search directly to the Ask Jeeves site. The toolbar also includes buttons for direct access to Ask Jeeves News Search, Picture Search, and Ask Jeeves Kids, as well as other site features.