Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines in .NET

Encode bar code 39 in .NET Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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Secret #185: Search for Videos
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More and more users are opting to search the Web for video files movie clips, music videos, you name it. AllTheWeb offers a dedicated video search index that s accessible by clicking the Video tab on the site s home page. The results of a video search are displayed in list format; each listing includes (when known) the file s length, size, and format (MPEG, AVI, etc.). AllTheWeb offers an Advanced Video Search page that s displayed when you click the Advanced Search link on the Video tab. This page lets you restrict your search to specific file formats as well as to downloadable files or streaming videos.
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The Advanced Video Search page also lets you turn the Offensive Content Filter on or off, which is useful for filtering adult movies out of your results.
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Secret #186: Search AllTheWeb for Audio Files
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AllTheWeb also offers a dedicated audio search index, although it isn t quite as robust as that offered by some other search sites. (Lycos is particularly good for MP3 searches, as you learned in 5.) All you have to do is click the Audio tab on the AllTheWeb home page and your search is restricted to MP3 and other audio file types. There are no advanced search options for this audio search.
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Secret #187: Search for Computer Files to Download
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If the audio search is a little weak, AllTheWeb more than makes up for it with a really powerful FTP search index. You use the FTP search to find computer files of all types including full-fledged applications to download from the Internet s network of FTP sites. You initiate an FTP search by clicking the FTP Files tab on the AllTheWeb home page. Enter the filename you re searching for and AllTheWeb returns a list of FTP servers where that file is located. Click a filename in this results list to download the file to your computer. When you re searching for files to download, it s often helpful to search for files of a specific size or on a particular site or domain. For that reason, the Advanced
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7: AllTheWeb Secrets
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FTP Files Search page is particularly useful. Access this page by clicking the Advanced Search link on the FTP Files tab and you ll find the following options: Search type Exact hits first Limit to domain Limit to path Limit size Date Hits (maximum) Hide (packages, distfiles, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Linux)
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Secret #188: Investigate a URL
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Want to know more about a particular URL such as who owns the domain, when the page was last updated, how many pages link to that page, and so on Then use AllTheWeb s cool URL Investigator feature. All you have to do is enter the URL as your query (no other operators needed), and the URL Investigator returns a page that includes the following information: Domain owner Language the page is written in Size of the page When the page was last updated Subdirectories How many pages link to the page How many pages are indexed from the domain A link to a cached version of the page to see how it looked in the past
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Secret #189: Convert Units of Measure
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AllTheWeb includes a built-in conversion calculator that you can use to convert all different units of measure. It knows all the popular length, time, speed, tem perature, weight, area, and cooking/volume measurements. All you have to do is enter the convert: operator, followed by what you want to convert.
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For what it s worth, AllTheWeb s conversion calculator is the same one used by sister company AltaVista as you ll learn in 9.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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Secret #190: AllTheWeb Is Automatically Filtering Your Search Results
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AllTheWeb s content filter is on by default which means that offensive Web pages are automatically excluded from your AllTheWeb search results. That makes AllTheWeb a great search page for your kids. To turn the filter off, just go to the Search Customization page and deselect the Offensive Content Reduction option.
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