Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines in .NET

Writer 39 barcode in .NET Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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The Advanced Image Search page is great if you re looking for images of a par ticular file type, for example if you re looking only for JPG images. It s also good if you re looking for a high-resolution picture, which is likely to be of a larger file size, or a low-resolution picture, which is likely to be of a smaller file size.
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Secret #152: Search Usenet Newsgroups
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Not all the information on the Internet resides on the World Wide Web. Usenet is the largest and oldest existing online community in the world, predating the World Wide Web but using the Internet s basic infrastructure. Usenet is actu ally an assemblage of more than 30,000 online discussion groups, organized by topic. The messages exchanged in Usenet newsgroups often contain informa tion relevant to the queries you might have. The problem is that it s difficult to perform a live search among the 30,000 or so current newsgroups. Not only is that a lot of groups to search through, you re also faced with the problem of currentness. Because individual articles stay available in a newsgroup for only a limited period of time, articles scroll off particularly active newsgroups within a matter of days. Fortunately for all of us, Google maintains a comprehensive archive of Usenet newsgroup messages, past and present. Google Groups is actually a continua tion of the old DejaNews archive, which Google acquired in 2001. You can use Google Groups to search the newsgroup archives or to browse the current mes sages in any Usenet newsgroup. You access Google Groups, shown in Figure 6-11, by clicking the Groups tab on Google s home page or by going directly to
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Figure 6-11: Search Usenet newsgroups with Google Groups.
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6: Google Secrets
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Searching the Newsgroups
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Searching the Google Groups archive is as simple as entering a query into the search box, and then clicking the Google Search button. You can also use the group: operator to narrow your search to specific newsgroups, or the author: operator to search for messages from a particular user. When you click the Google Search button, Google searches its newsgroup archive for messages that contain the keywords in your query. The search results page lists messages (from a variety of newsgroups) that match your query, along with a list of the top newsgroups pertaining to your search. For each matching message, Google includes the message s date and subject, which newsgroup the message appeared in, and the author of the message. Click the subject link to read the text of the message. From there you can view other messages in that particular thread or display other messages from that newsgroup.
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You can also use Google Groups as a basic Web-based newsreader. Just click through the list of categories on the Google Groups home page until you reach a specific newsgroup; there you ll find a list of recent articles, which you can click to read.
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Advanced Groups Search
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Given the huge number of topic-specific newsgroups, you probably want to narrow down your search to specific groups otherwise you ll be inundated with messages totally unrelated to the topic at hand. You can do this using the group: operator, as just discussed, or by accessing the Advanced Groups Search page. The advanced search options available are detailed in Table 6-4.
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Table 6-4: Options in Google s Advanced Groups Search
Option Results Find messages with all of the words Find messages with the exact phrase Find messages with at least one of the words Find messages without the words Newsgroup Subject Author Description Selects how many listings are displayed on the search results page Default search mode Searches for messages that contain the exact phrase entered Searches for messages that contain either one word or another Excludes messages that contain the specified word(s) Searches for messages within the selected newsgroup Searches only within the subject line of messages Searches for messages from the specified user
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