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Underneath each listing on the search results page is a Similar Pages link. When you click this link, Google will display a list of pages that are somehow similar to this particular page. Using Google s Similar Pages feature is a good way to broaden your search without starting over from scratch.
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Many things you search for will also appear within the Google Directory. As you ll learn in Secret #146, the Google Directory is a directory of Web pages that have been compiled by human editors in contrast to the main Google index, which is assembled purely by robot software. The listings in the Google Directory are thus of higher quality than those available with a traditional Google search, or at least theoretically so. If a matched Web page appears in the Google Directory, the associated direc tory category will be listed under the search result. Click this link and you ll be directed to that category in the Google Directory, which will typically include a list of pages that might also be of interest.
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Search within Your Search Results
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If Google gives you too many results to deal with, you can winnow down the results by conducting a further search within the original search results. To nar row an existing search, all you need to do is add more words to the end of your original search query. Just move your cursor to the search box which contains the keywords of your current query and tack on more words to fine-tune your search. Click the Google Search button again and the next page of search results should be more targeted.
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6: Google Secrets
Secret #146: Find More Results in the Google Directory
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Google indexes more than three billion Web pages. The only problem with indexing so many pages is that it s kind of a brute force approach; it s the issue of quantity verses quality, with quantity definitely taking precedence. It s sometimes better to view a list of pages that have been personally selected for their content and appropriateness. When you want handpicked results to your search, you want a directory. Where search indexes (such as Google) pro vide a large number of results, an edited directory produces arguably better results even though it contains far fewer listings than the large Web indexes. Google offers just this sort of Web directory, called the Google Directory. The Google Directory, shown in Figure 6-5, contains Web page listings, organized by category, that have been handpicked by a team of human editors. You access the Google Directory by clicking the Directory tab on the Google home page or by going directly to directory.google.com.
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Figure 6-5: View a human-edited listing of Web sites with the Google Directory.
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Now here s the funny thing. Google doesn t actually assemble its own directory. Instead, Google uses a third-party directory called the Open Directory Project. Google then grafts the Google interface and search engine on top of this direc tory. So, while the listings in the directory are assembled by Open Directory editors, they re ranked using Google s PageRank technology. If you compare a category in the Google Directory with the same category in the Open Directory, the listings will be the same, but arranged differently.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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The good thing about the Open Directory is that it s perhaps the largest and highest-quality Web site directory available. The Open Directory Project is a huge undertaking, with thousands of users submitting reviews and rankings of Web sites and pages. Google made a good choice in partnering with the Open Directory; the combination of Google s interface with Open Directory list ings makes the Google Directory the easiest-to-use and most useful directory on the Web.
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You can access the Open Directory directly at www.dmoz.org.
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You can search the Google Directory by using the standard Google search box. You can also browse through the directory by clicking the individual category headings. Each Google Directory results page displays related categories at the top, followed by the pages within that category, ranked in order of appropriate ness. What s nice about Google Directory listings is that each listing includes a brief synopsis of the page; this is something you don t get with normal Google search index results.
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