Another great map site is MapQuest, which you can read about in 20. in .NET

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Another great map site is MapQuest, which you can read about in 20.
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1: Yahoo! Secrets
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Figure 1-27: Map your destination at Yahoo! Maps.
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Secret #32: Use Yahoo! to Listen to Your Favorite Music
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Online music is becoming a big business. While Yahoo! isn t the largest site for music downloads (that s either Napster, discussed in 18, or Apple s iTunes), it is a source for the latest music news and a good place to watch the latest music videos and listen to commercial-free Internet radio. Yahoo! s main music site is called LAUNCH ( As you can see in Figure 1-28, LAUNCH is the gateway to a variety of music-related infor mation and services. What can you find on LAUNCH How about the latest music news, CD reviews, artist spotlights, and interviews. You can also watch the latest music videos, just by clicking your mouse. (Of course, watching videos on a small computer mon itor isn t always the most impressive experience.) And then there are the other services that LAUNCH links to which we ll get to next.
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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Figure 1-28: LAUNCH, Yahoo! s music gateway.
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Secret #33: Use Yahoo! to Listen to Internet Radio
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Yahoo! s LAUNCHcast ( is the site if you want to listen to Internet radio. LAUNCHcast has arguably the largest list of Internet radio stations on the Web, organized by category. Just browse through a category until you find the station you want and then click to listen (using your PC, of course). Most stations are free; some (part of the LAUNCHcast Plus service) require a subscription.
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Secret #34: Use Yahoo! to Play Games
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Are you a game player If so, turn to Yahoo! Games ( As you can see in Figure 1-29, Yahoo! Games is a collection of free Java-based games that you can play online from your Web browser. Some multiple-player games are designed to be played with other users; others are single-player in nature. You ll even find gaming leagues for certain games.
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1: Yahoo! Secrets
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Figure 1-29: Play online games for free at Yahoo! Games.
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Yahoo! Games also includes reviews and news of the latest PC and video games. You ll also find a burgeoning gaming community here; it s a good way to get tips and cheats for all your favorite games.
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Secret #35: Use Yahoo! to Send Online Greeting Cards
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Want to say hello to an old friend, wish someone a happy birthday, or thank a family member for a gift If you do, you can send the electronic equivalent of a Hallmark card an online greeting card from Yahoo! Greetings. A Yahoo! Greetings card is actually a Web page that contains a graphical mes sage. When you access the Yahoo! Greetings page (, you can choose from one of the featured greetings or you can browse through the various greeting categories. After you ve found the greeting you want to send (like the one in Figure 1-30), click the greeting to personalize it. Yahoo! Greetings sends recipients an e-mail notifying them that they have a greeting waiting on the Yahoo! Greetings site. This e-mail will include a link to the page containing the greeting; when they click this link, they jump directly to your greeting. Good feelings ensue and it doesn t cost you a single penny.
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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Figure 1-30: Send an electronic greeting card with Yahoo! Greetings.
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Secret #36: Use Yahoo! to Advance Your Education
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Yahoo! Education ( offers a variety of resources for all ages of students, from K-12 to college. You ll find a variety of reference works, and sample SAT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT tests. You can even use Yahoo! Education to search for campus and online courses, as well as colleges and graduate schools. As you can see, this is a particularly good resource for high school students planning for college.
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Secret #37: Use Yahoo! to Advance Your Career
It should come as no surprise that Yahoo! includes a job posting and search engine as part of its network of sites. This particular service is actually HotJobs, a separate company that Yahoo! acquired early in 2002. The Yahoo! HotJobs site ( offers a variety of career-building tools, chief of which are job postings, resume postings, and the ability to search the HotJobs