Figure 20-5: Use MapQuest to display aerial photos of your location. in .NET

Printer 3 of 9 in .NET Figure 20-5: Use MapQuest to display aerial photos of your location.
Figure 20-5: Use MapQuest to display aerial photos of your location.
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Secret #493: Find a Jiffy Lube near You
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Okay, this is a sponsored feature, but it still shows the power of the MapQuest engine. When it s time to get your oil changed, have MapQuest display a map of nearby Jiffy Lube locations by selecting the Jiffy Lube option on the Maps page. MapQuest will now overlay specific locations on the map it generates. (You can also use this feature to display Borders bookstores and Holiday Inn motels on your maps.)
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Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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Secret #494: Display Maps for Any City in the World
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MapQuest doesn t just map U.S. cities. It also offers detailed street-level maps for cities in 13 foreign countries: Austria Belgium Canada Denmark France Germany Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom
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In addition, MapQuest provides city-level (but not street-level) coverage throughout all other countries around the globe. So wherever you go, any where in the world, MapQuest has a map for you.
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MapQuest also offers three country-specific sites, for Germany (, France (, and the United Kingdom (
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Secret #495: View World Atlas Maps
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Speaking about global mapping, did you know that MapQuest offers a really cool online world atlas Probably not; MapQuest keeps this a secret, for some reason, by not including a link to it from the MapQuest home page. You ll need to point your browser to, and you ll see the World Atlas page shown in Figure 20-6. You can navigate to specific continent, country, state, ocean, or region maps from the links in the left column; by using the pull-down lists at the top right of the page; or by clicking on a country or region on the main map.
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Secret #496: Generate Turn-by-Turn Driving Directions
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Even though it s a big feature of the site, many users still don t know that they can use MapQuest to generate driving directions to and from any address. These directions are fairly detailed, indicating every turn you need to make. You start by clicking the Driving Directions icon at the top of the Expedia home page. When the Driving Directions page shown in Figure 20-7 appears, enter the address you re starting from and the address you re going to and then click the Get Directions button.
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20: MapQuest Secrets
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Figure 20-6: MapQuest s secret online world atlas.
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Figure 20-7: Use MapQuest to get driving directions to any location.
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Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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Secret #497: Fine-Tune Your Driving Directions
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By default, MapQuest displays your driving directions as text instructions with a single large map at the bottom of the page. If you d rather see maps for each step of the trip, click the Add Options button on the Driving Directions page to display the Routing Options page. Pull down the Display Directions As list and select Turn-by-Turn Maps with Text; your map will now be redisplayed as directed. You can also choose to have MapQuest generate a route that avoids toll roads or ferry lanes. Again, use the Routing Options page, and select the appropriate Avoid If Possible option.
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Secret #498: Let MapQuest Plan Your Entire Road Trip
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Driving from one place to another involves more than just following a map. You also want to know what to see along the way and where to stop at night. Fortunately, you can use MapQuest to plan your entire road trip including the rest areas along your route. Start by clicking the Road Trip Planner button at the top of the MapQuest home page. When the Road Trip Planner page appears, give your trip a name and then click either the One-Way or Round-Trip button. When the next page appears, enter detailed information about where you re going. MapQuest now displays Your Route and What s Nearby buttons. Use the former to access driv ing directions, a destination map, and rest areas for each segment of your trip; use the latter to display nearby attractions, entertainment, essential services (banks, dry cleaners, and so on), lodging, recreation, shopping, restaurants, and transit locations. It s like having a travel planner inside your computer!