Secret #467: Book a Multileg Plane Trip in .NET

Printer bar code 39 in .NET Secret #467: Book a Multileg Plane Trip
Secret #467: Book a Multileg Plane Trip
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Want to fly from New York to San Francisco with a stopover in Des Moines Or maybe you want a multicity trip, with short flights from one city to the next When your flight arrangements involve more than a simple round trip, you ll need to activate Expedia s multiple destinations feature. When you click the Flights tab to open the Search for Flights page, select the Multiple Destinations option at the top of the page. This displays a different Search for Flights page that lets you input multiple legs for your trip. Make your trip as complex as you want Expedia can handle it!
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Secret #468: Display Flights Based on Departure or Arrival Time Instead of Price
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When you search for flights on Expedia, you ll most often get a long list of results to pick from. By default, these flights are listed in descending order of price with the lowest-priced flights first. Personally, I find it more convenient to list these flights by departure or arrival time I know when I want to leave (or arrive), and this lets me more easily choose the flights that fit my schedule. To change the order in which flights are listed, check either the Departure Time or Arrival Time options in the Sort By section at the top of the results page. You can also choose to sort the listings by Shortest Flights first.
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Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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Secret #469: Tell Expedia Your Meal and Seating Preferences
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Like to sit in a window seat Require a vegetarian or Kosher meal Then tell Expedia your preferences ahead of time so that your needs can be accommodated as best as possible, that is. The time to enter these preferences is before you make a reservation. Click the My Profile link at the top of the Expedia home page to open the Profile Overview page and then scroll down to the Travelers Associated with This Profile section. Your name should be listed; click the Flight, Hotel, or Car links to change the appropriate preferences. For example, when you edit your Flight preferences, you can choose a seating preference (aisle or window), special meals (child s meal, low-fat, low-sodium, Kosher, and so on), whether you need special assistance at the gate, and so on. (You can also add profiles for addi tional travelers by clicking the Add a New Traveler link.)
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Secret #470: Pick a Specific Seat
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Here s a neat feature: When you make a reservation, Expedia lets you choose your specific seat for each leg of your flight, via the Seat Pinpointer. After you ve made your flight selections and advanced to the Traveler Preferences page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Request Specific Seats link. This tool displays the seating layout for your specific plane, with reserved and available seats noted. All you have to do is click the seat you want, and it will be reserved in your name. If you don t like any of the available seats, just back up through the process and choose another flight!
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The Seat Pinpointer isn t available for all flights on all airlines.
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Secret #471: Save an Itinerary without Making Reservations
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Expedia isn t just for making reservations. You can also use the site to plan out trips in advance without any commitment to purchase on your part. All you have to do is work through the reservation process until you come to the Flight Details page. At this point you can choose to continue on and make your reser vations or save all the details up to this point in an online itinerary. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save This Information in an Itinerary, Expedia saves your flight information for your future reference.
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19: Expedia Secrets
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To retrieve a saved itinerary, click the My Trips link at the top of the Expedia home page. This displays the Saved Itineraries and Favorite Destinations page; click a specific trip to view the details. If you want, you can then choose to make reservations or not.
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