Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services in .NET

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Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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he business of downloading digital music is big really big.
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The whole music downloading thing exploded back in 1999, with the advent of the Napster file-trading service. The original Napster was a peer-to-peer (P2P) network that let users trade digital music files unfortunately, without regard to copyright laws. The music industry objected, strenuously, and after a series of lawsuits Napster was forced out of business. Until now. The Napster name was eventually acquired by Roxio, which had been running its own online music subscription service called Pressplay. On October 29, 2003, Napster was reborn as a legal online music service, incorporating bits and pieces of both the old Napster and Pressplay. I must say, it looks like it s going to be a hit.
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Napster at a Glance
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The new Napster 2.0 offers more than a half-million songs for downloading at 99 cents apiece; entire albums can be downloaded for $9.95. In addition, Napster offers a $9.95 per month subscription option (called Premium member ship) that provides streaming Internet radio stations and the ability to download an unlimited number of songs. (You still have to purchase tracks individually if you want to burn them to a CD or transfer them to a portable music player, how ever.) It s definitely the best of the many online music services out there. Before you can use Napster 2.0, you have to download the Napster software, which you do from Napster s Web site ( When you launch the Napster software, it takes you to the main Napster site and displays the home page, as shown in Figure 18-1. (This means, of course, that you have to be online when you re using the Napster service.) You ll need to sign up for Napster mem bership before you can download any music; basic membership is free. As you ll learn in Secret #454, you can browse the Napster site for the music you want or search for specific songs or artists. Buying a track is as simple as click ing the Buy Track (or Buy Only) button. To purchase all the tracks from an album at one time, click the Buy Album button. The tracks you purchase are added to your Library, and (after you ve authorized the purchase) automatically downloaded to your PC in the background with no intervention on your part necessary.
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Songs with a Buy Track button can be both downloaded and streamed to your computer in real time (if you re a Premium member). Songs with a Buy Only button can only be downloaded if you try to stream them, you only hear a 30-second preview.
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Your purchases are billed to your credit card once a day, so you won t see a lot of little 99-cent charges on your bill.
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18: Napster 2.0 Secrets
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Figure 18-1: The Napster 2.0 home page.
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The Napster software makes navigating the Napster 2.0 service relatively easy. At the top of the software window is a Navigation bar that includes Home, Back, and Forward buttons along with buttons that, when clicked, take you directly to Napster s Browse and Library pages. The top of the window also includes the Search bar, which you use for searching the service. When you re on the home page, the software displays a series of tabs below the Navigation bar. Click a tab to access different parts of Napster: Music, Radio, Magazine, or Message Boards. There are also links along the left of the window to go directly to different music category pages Alternative, Classical, Country, and so on. At the bottom of the window is the Button bar, containing Play, Download, Add to Playlist, and Send to a Friend buttons. The Napster software includes its own music player and CD burner programs. The music player is located in the top right window; the bottom right window contains the tracklist for the currently selected playlist or Napster Radio station. The CD burner is displayed in a separate Burn Staging window when you click the Burn button at the bottom of the main Napster window.
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