17: Amazon.com Secrets in .NET

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17: Amazon.com Secrets
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order (technically a pre-order) for the yet-to-be released book so that it won t hold up the shipment of the other items.
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insider insight
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Secret #428: Shop at Amazon from Your Cell Phone
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If you have an Internet-enabled cell phone, you can shop at Amazon from just about anywhere using the Amazon Anywhere service. That s not to say that you can phone in your Amazon order; Amazon adamantly doesn t accept phone orders. But you can direct your cell phone s Web browser to the Amazon Anywhere site and place your order over the wireless Internet. To do so, visit www.amazon.com/phone/.
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One use of Amazon Anywhere is to compare prices when you re out shop ping at a bricks-and-mortar retailer.
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Secret #429: Fine-Tune Your Product Searches from the Advanced Search Page
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Finding a product on Amazon is as simple as using the search box found on the left side of most Amazon pages. You ll probably want to pull down the category list to select a specific product category and then enter one or more keywords into the search box. Click the Go! button and Amazon returns a list of products that match your query. This works fine most of the time, but if the number of search results is too over whelming, you can fine-tune your search using advanced search pages. Amazon offers these advanced search pages for many of its product categories and each advanced search page is different, using parameters unique to a particular type of product. (If there s an advanced search page available, you ll find an Advanced Search, More Search Options, or similar link under the main search box.) For example, the Advanced Book Search page, shown in Figure 17-4, lets you narrow your search by author, title, subject, ISBN number, publisher, format (hardcover or softcover), reader age, language, or publication date. The Classical & Opera Search page lets you narrow your CD search by title, com poser, performer, conductor, ensemble, label name, or catalog number.
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Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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Figure 17-4: Amazon s Advanced Book Search page.
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Use these pages when a simple keyword search returns too many results.
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Secret #430: Turbocharge Your Book Searches with Power Search Operators
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Amazon started out as an online bookseller, and it still offers many features unique to that particular market. One of the coolest features is its Power Search, which lets you use advanced search operators to really focus your search for particular books. You use Power Search by going to the Advanced Book Search page and scroll ing down to the Power Search section at the bottom of the page. You enter the Power Search operator into the form, followed by a variable (no space), fol lowed by your normal keyword(s), like this: operator:variable. For example, if you want to search for all books published by Wiley Publishing, use the pub lisher: operator like this: publisher:wiley. What Power Search operators are available Table 17-2 provides a list:
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Table 17-2: Amazon Power Search Operators
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Operator author ISBN keyword language Description Searches for all books by a particular author Searches for all books by ISBN code (should return the same results as the ASIN operator) Searches for all books where the title or author contains designated keywords Searches for books written in a specific language
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17: Amazon.com Secrets
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Operator pubdate publisher subject title
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Description Searches for books published before, during, or after a particular date, using the before, during, or after syntax Searches for books published by a specific publisher Searches for books about a specific topic Searches for books with specific words in the title
You can also use the Boolean AND, OR, and NOT operators to create complex queries. Going back to our previous example, if you want to narrow this search down to Wiley s computer books, use the Boolean AND operator and the sub ject: Power Search operator, like this: publisher:wiley AND subject:computers. If you also want to exclude any books published by me, Michael Miller, enter publisher:wiley AND subject:computers NOT author:miller. As you can see, it s relatively easy to create very targeted queries for specific types of books.
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