Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services in .NET

Paint Code 39 Full ASCII in .NET Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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to supersize your pictures (another 75 cents). If you have a lot of photos, the better option is eBay s Picture Pack, with gives you up to six supersized photos for a buck. To insert photos into your listing, you ll want to work your way to the Pictures & Details page, scroll down to the Add Pictures section, and select the eBay Picture Services tab shown in Figure 16-6. Click the Add Picture button in the First Picture Free box; when the Open dialog box appears, locate and select the photo you want to use and then click the Open button. Repeat this proce dure to add extra pictures.
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Figure 16-6: Add up to six photographs to your item listing.
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Then, in the Picture Layout section, select the options you want Standard, Slide Show, Supersize Pictures, or Picture Pack. If you ve previously chosen to use the Listing Designer (see Secret #399), you can scroll to the Listing Designer section and select a position for your photo from the Select a Layout list. eBay will now automatically upload your pictures from your hard disk and auto matically insert those pictures into your item listing.
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Secret #401: Count Your Auction Traffic Secretly
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eBay provides the option of adding a traffic counter to the bottom of your item listings on the Sell Your Item page. (These counters are provided free of charge by ndale.) When you add a counter you can see how many potential
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16: eBay Secrets
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bidders have viewed the listing. Unfortunately, potential bidders can also see how much traffic an item is generating and if the traffic count is low, they ll know that they won t have to bid very high. A better option is to choose a hidden counter. This is a counter that tracks the traffic, but doesn t display the results on the listing page. Instead, you have to visit the ndale site ( to view your traffic numbers. You ll know how popular your auction is but your potential bidders won t.
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Secret #402: Reserve the Right to Not Sell If the Price Isn t High Enough
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Okay, this next secret gets a little complicated, so pay attention. In regular eBay auctions, you (the seller) specify a starting bid price, and as long as one user makes a bid at that level or above, you re obligated to sell the item for the high est bid price. So if you start an item at $1 and it gets a single $1 bid, you have to sell the item for $1 even if you think the item is worth a lot more. If you like the idea of a low starting bid price (to get the bidding started), but don t want to sell the item unless it reaches a higher price, you want to engage in what is called a reserve price auction. In a reserve price auction, you have to determine two prices: the starting bid price, and the higher reserve price. The auction isn t successful unless the bids have met or exceeded your reserve price. Let s take an example. Say that you start an auction with a $1 starting bid price, but specify a $10 reserve price which is hidden from bidders. The bidding starts (at $1), and continues until the auction ends, at which point the highest bid is $8. Since the $8 high bid is lower than the $10 reserve price, the auction ends with no winner. If, on the other hand, this fictional auction ends with a high bid of $11, that bidder wins the auction. So if you think your item has a certain value, but don t want to start the bidding that high, then choose the Reserve Price option on the Sell Your Item page. Remember to enter a reserve price higher than your starting bid price and then see how it plays out.
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