Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites in .NET

Encoding Code 3/9 in .NET Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
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If you prefer to get your information visually, go to Travel Daily Traveler and then scroll down and click the Airport Impact Forecast Maps link. This displays the Airport Impact map, shown in Figure 14-3, which shows the expected impact of any nasty weather on major airports across the U.S.
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Figure 14-3: Check for flight delays on the Airport Impact map.
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Secret #341: Use to Track Your Flight Status and Send You Flight Alerts
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Even better, you can have alert you to any delays for specific flights. There are a number of ways to do this. First, you can check the flight status from the Daily Traveler page (Travel Daily Traveler). Go to the Check Flight Status section, select your airline, and enter your flight number and the day you re traveling. returns a page that lists scheduled and estimated departure and arrival times, along with hour-by-hour weather for both the departure and arrival cities. Checking the Web site for travel updates is great if you re in the office. That s why lets you register to receive flight alerts via either e-mail or text messaging on your pager, PDA, or cell phone. Go to the Weather Tools page and click the Travel Alerts link and then enter your itinerary; will send you daily alerts starting two days before your trip and keep you updated with any expected airport delays. This service is free.
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14: Secrets
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Secret #342: Find Out the Driving Conditions along Your Route
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When you re driving from city to city, it s really nice to know what kind of driv ing conditions to expect. recognizes this need and offers an Interstate Forecast that informs you of current and upcoming weather condi tions along your route. You access the Interstate Forecast page by clicking Driving Interstate Forecast. Click an area of the country on the map to view a detailed forecast map; from there you can click a link to view the conditions for a specific stretch of Interstate highway.
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Secret #343: Discover When the Fall Foliage Will Be at Its Peak
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Like to watch the leaves turn Then use s Fall Foliage Forecast to find out when the colors will be at their peak. Click through to Recreation Fall Foliage, and you can access foliage reports and regional maps to help you plan your fall sight-seeing.
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Secret #344: Find Out What the Weather s Like at the National Parks
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If your vacation plans include a trip to a national park, then has some information you can use. The site s National Parks Forecast (Recreation National Parks) provides detailed daily and 10-day forecasts for all national parks; just select the park you want and go from there.
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Secret #345: See If It s a Good Day for Playing Golf
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to assign code 3/9 and code 39 full ascii data, size, image with visual c# barcode sdk is a great site for golfers. Not only can you find out if today s a good golf day weather-wise, you can also find out the golfing conditions any where in the U.S. specifically at current PGA tour events. You get all this great information by clicking through to Recreation Golf. From here you can view your current weather conditions, see the Golf Index (on a scale of 1 to 10) for your local golf courses, or click through to see the tourna ment forecast for the next PGA event. You can even click the Golf Forecast Maps link to view the Golf Index numbers across the country, as shown in Figure 14-4. If you pull down the list below the map, you can display other maps of interest to avid golfers, including thunderstorm forecast, forecast winds, and wind chill maps.
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Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
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Figure 14-4: s Golf Index map.
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Secret #346: See If It s a Good Day for Swimming or Boating
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Want to find out your area s marine foecast Or the tide conditions Or just gen eral coastal weather Then check out s Boat & Beach page (Recreation Boat & Beach). Here you ll find boat and beach conditions, coastal water temperatures, and various water-related maps.
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Secret #347: Discover the Ski Conditions for a Slope Near You
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Thinking about going skiing this weekend You can check the slope conditions at s Ski Outlook page (Recreation Ski Outlook). This page pres ents snow conditions, forecasts, and resort information for nearby ski areas. You can also use the Snow Finder to enter your ideal snow conditions and let recommend a ski resort that fits the bill.
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