Secret #321: Discuss Stocks and Trends on MarketWatch s Message Boards in .NET

Printer USS Code 39 in .NET Secret #321: Discuss Stocks and Trends on MarketWatch s Message Boards
Secret #321: Discuss Stocks and Trends on MarketWatch s Message Boards
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Sometimes the best advice comes from fellow investors. Whether you want to discuss specific stocks or general economic topics, the place to go is MarketWatch s online message boards. MarketWatch features message boards for all active ticker symbols as well as for a variety of financial and political top ics. Just scroll to the bottom of the MarketWatch home page and click the Message Boards link; from there, you can search for a board by name. Discussions within a board are listed in order of when they were posted; click a link to read or reply.
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Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
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Secret #322: Get Market Smart with Expert Commentary and Analysis
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You gain financial knowledge not just by perusing the charts, but also by listen ing to what the experts are saying. CBS MarketWatch offers commentary from a large number of financial experts, all of which are worth reading. The bulk of MarketWatch s commentary is found on the Commentary page (News & Commentary Commentary). This is where you find daily columns from a number of experts; these columns include Market Map, Net Sense, TechWatch, Editor s View, and Media Web. Additional commentary and analysis is found on the Newsletters & Research home page. Here you ll find more in-depth analysis and investing advice from the likes of Mike Ashbaugh, Peter Brimelow, Thom Calandra, and Mark Hulbert.
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Secret #323: Subscribe to an Investment Newsletter After You Do Your Homework
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Financial newsletters are big business. In fact, one of the most surefire ways to make money in financial markets is to write a newsletter offering your invest ment advice. (It s less risky than actually investing!) MarketWatch offers a vari ety of newsletters on its Newsletters & Research page, including several newsletters from its own analysts. (And, as you might expect, subscriptions are seldom free.) If you re not sure which if any newsletter to subscribe to, go to Newsletters & Research The Guru s Corner. This page offers insights from several major investment newsletters for free. Even better (and this is the part I really like), it lists the top performing newsletters over the past twelve months. Use this list to determine which newsletters offer the best advice, and are (perhaps) worth subscribing to. If you want to see a more complete list of available newsletters, go to Newsletters & Research Directory. This page lists dozens of different newslet ters, along with their subscription information and pricing. As you ll see, these subscriptions are not cheap some run over a thousand dollars a year so it s definitely worth doing your homework before you subscribe.
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Secret #324: View and Listen to Market Experts on Your PC Desktop
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CBS MarketWatch is part of the CBS News combine which means that a lot of its reporting is available via television and radio. You can access these audio and video reports via the MarketWatch Web site, on the TV and Radio page.
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13: CBS MarketWatch Secrets
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You can view (or listen to) these reports using either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. Just click a report to open it in a separate media window on your desktop.
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Secret #325: Find Stocks That Meet Specific Criteria
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Here s a really cool tool that s extremely well-hidden deep within the MarketWatch site: when you want to find a stock that matches specific criteria pricing, volume, return, and so on you can use MarketWatch s Stock Screener tool shown in Figure 13-7. Access this tool by going to Investor Tools Stocks; the Stock Screener is about midway down the page. You can select a preselected screen from the Samples list or click the Build Your Own Screen link to enter your own criteria. The Stock Screener will do the rest, returning a list of securities that match what you re looking for.
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Figure 13-7: Use the Stock Screener tool to hunt for specific types of stocks.
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Secret #326: Find the Best Mutual Funds for Your Needs
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With so many mutual funds available today, how do you determine which is the best investment for you One way is to use the information on MarketWatch s Mutual Funds page. Just go to Investor Tools Mutual Funds; here you ll find a list of the top ten funds (YTD) as well as the top 100 funds by fund type. You can also use this page to research specific mutual funds via the Fund Finder tool (located at the top right corner of the page). Enter a fund name, enter the time period to research, and then click the Go! button. Even better is MarketWatch s Fund Comparison tool, shown in Figure 13-8. Enter multiple fund tickers, select whether you want to compare returns, risk, fees, or holdings and then click Go!. This will help you determine which of sev eral funds offer the best performance.
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