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Therefore, the decibel unit is used to describe the ratio of two powers and requires a reference value, Py for comparison. It is important to note that both the current i(t) and the voltage v(t) can be considered as an analog signal x(t), and thus the power of signal is proportional to the square of signal amplitude. For example, if the signal x(t) is ampli ed by a factor g, that is, x(t) = gy(t), the signal gain can be expressed in decibel as Gain = 10 log10 Px Py = 20 log10 (g), (A.29)
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since the power is a function of the square of the voltage (or current) as shown in Equation (A.27). As the second example, consider that the sound-pressure level, L p , in decibels corresponds to a sound pressure Px referenced to Py = 20 Pa (pascals). When the reference signal y(t) has power Py equal to 1 mW, the power unit of x(t) is called dBm (dB with respect to 1 mW). Digital reference level dBm0 is the digital milliwatt as de ned in ITU-T Recommendation G.168. The method de ned for measuring the input level of the signals is a root mean square (RMS) method. The dBm0 is measured as Pk = 3.14 + 20 log Pk = 3.17 + 20 log
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xi2 i=k (A-law encoding), 4096
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xi2 ( -law encoding), (A.30b)
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where Pk is signal level in dBm0, xi is linear equivalent of the PCM encoded signal at time i, k is a discrete time index, and N is the number of samples over which the RMS measurement is made.
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[1] J. J. Tuma, Engineering Mathematics Handbook, New York: McGraw-Hall, 1979. [2] ITU-T Recommendation G.168, Digital Network Echo Cancellers, 2000.
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Appendix B
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Software Organization and List of Experiments
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The companion CD includes all the program and data les used for examples and experiments. Figure B.1 shows the directory structure of the software including examples, exercises, and experiments in the companion CD. The software is arranged by chapters where the software is referenced. Each chapter contains two directories: examples and experiments. Some chapters include the exercises directory, which contains the necessary data les and software programs for the exercise problems at the end of that chapter. The examples directory consists of one or more subdirectories. Each subdirectory is named according to its example number. For example, the directory named by example7.8 contains the MATLAB program example7_8.m that is used by Example 7.8 in 7. The experiments directory contains all the experiments for that chapter. The name of the subdirectory under the experiments directory begins with the experiment number and is followed by the experiment name. For example, exp7.6.8_realtime_predictor as shown in Figure B.1 consists of all the program and data les for experiment given in Section 7.6.8. The data directory under the experiment subdirectory contains the data les used by the given experiment. The Debug directory is used by the CCS to store temporary les and the executable program. The inc directory is used for C and assembly include les (.h and .inc). The src directory has all the source programs including .C and .asm les. Table B.1 lists the le types and formats used by the book. Table B.2 lists the experiments provided by the book. These experiments are primarily designed for using C5510 DSK; however, some experiments use MATLAB, Simulink, and C.
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Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementations and Applications C 2006 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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S.M. Kuo, B.H. Lee, and W. Tian
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Figure B.1
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Software directory structure
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Table B.1 File extension .asm .bin .bmp .c .cdb .cmd .dat .dsp .dsw .exe .fig .h .HSV .inc .jpg .lib .m .map .mdl .mp3 .obj .out .pcm .pjt .RGB .txt .wks .wav .YUV File types and formats used in the book Description
File type and format ASCII text Binary Binary ASCII text ASCII text ASCII text ASCII text ASCII text ASCII text Binary Binary ASCII text Binary ASCII text Binary Binary ASCII text ASCII text ASCII text Binary Binary Binary Binary ASCII text Binary ASCII text Binary Binary Binary Table B.2
C55x assembly program source le Data le Bitmap image le C program source le C55x CCS DSP/BIOS con guration le C55x linker command le Data le or parameter le Microsoft Visual C IDE build le Microsoft Visual C IDE workspace le Microsoft Visual C IDE executable le MATLAB M- le C program header le HSV image le C55x assembly program include le JPEG image le C55x CCS run-time support library MATLAB script le C55x linker generated memory map le MATLAB Simulink script le MP3 audio le C55x C compiler generated object le C55x linker generated executable le Linear PCM data le C55x DSP project le RGB image le ASCII text le C55x CCS IDE workspace le Microsoft linear PCM wave le YUV or YCb Cr image le List of experiments for the book Platform CCS and CCS and CCS and CCS and CCS and CCS and MATLAB MATLAB CCS CCS CCS CCS CCS CCS CCS CCS and and and and and and and and C5510 C5510 C5510 C5510 C5510 C5510 DSK DSK DSK DSK DSK DSK