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My Portfolios
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If you manage your portfolios on the Investor Toolbox or, the information you enter is automatically available in ProphetCharts via the My Portfolios module. Within this module will be displayed the names of all the portfolios you have created as well as their contents. By opening any single portfolio, you can see the symbol, quantity, and entry price of each item within that portfolio. For instance, if you bought 700 shares of Apple Computer at a price of $72.63, there would be a line item reading AAPL 700 @ $72.63 underneath the name of the portfolio containing that entry. Deeper information such as pro ts and losses, net changes, and so on is not displayed here, since that information is more appropriate to the MarketMatrix or Portfolio pages. This module provides you a view into your holdings with a single glance, which saves you the trouble of having to refer to a different page.
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My Study Sets
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A study set is a collection of one or more technical studies that work together. For instance, you might have put together a series of three different moving averages (15-day, 50-day, and 100-day) plus a MACD study and called this the Bullish Breakout study set. This name would appear in
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Modules and Preferences
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the list of your study sets for easy access. Creating and naming study sets will be addressed in 6. The module named My Study Sets is simply that a list of your study sets which you can double-click to apply to the current chart (and any subsequent symbols you may enter). You can also right-click on any particular study set name to choose Use this Study Set (which is the same as double-clicking) or Delete this Study Set. Figure 3.9 shows an example of the expanded module showing four study sets. When you rst start using ProphetCharts, this module will have nothing in it.
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My Chart Styles
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This module is as easy to understand as My Study Sets, because it is a simple list of customized objects you have created and can access with a doubleclick of the mouse. In this module are your chart styles (the subject of creating chart styles will be covered in 4). A chart style is a collection of properties that de ne the appearance and settings of a chart. For example, suppose you created a chart that had a duration of ten days, a frequency of one minute, had no volume displayed, had streaming data, and used the candlestick style of graph. It would take you time to get this style of chart again later unless you preserved all of these settings into a chart style. You could save all of these properties (and there could be many more, for this is just an easy example) and name them as a chart style. My Chart Styles displays, in alphabetical order, all of the chart styles you have created. As with the study sets, when you rst start using ProphetCharts, this module will be empty. But, as in Figure 3.10, you can create as many useful styles as you choose. This also helps illustrate why it s important to give meaningful names to each style and to name them in such a way that they are well-ordered. If some of the names in the gure were Ten-Year Daily and 5-Year Daily and 10-Minute Graph and Single Day Streaming, the list would be more jumbled, and it would be harder to locate the style you really wanted.
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FIGURE 3.9 My Study Sets shows the names of the technical study sets you have
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created. When you rst start using ProphetCharts, this will be an empty module.
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FIGURE 3.10 The Chart Styles module gives you quick access to all the customized collections of parameters that control the appearance of a chart.
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Chart Toppers
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The one module with constantly changing lists throughout any trading day is Chart Toppers. This is not a list that you construct. Instead, it is a live, up-to-date report of the securities that are trading and are doing extraordinary things; each list contains ten stocks. This chart module provides live scan results on: Percent Gainers: stocks greater than $1, which are up the most for the present day (or, if you are looking at the chart module on a weekend or holiday, the most recent trading day) on a percentage basis. Dollar Gainers: stocks priced at greater than $1, which are up the most in absolute dollar terms for the present day. New 52-Week Highs: stocks that during the present day reached a price higher than any previous closing price for the past year. New 52-Week Lows: stocks that during the present day reached a price lower than any previous closing price for the past year.
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