FIGURE 2.8 The data line for intraday graphs also shows the time of the bar in .NET

Produce EAN 13 in .NET FIGURE 2.8 The data line for intraday graphs also shows the time of the bar
FIGURE 2.8 The data line for intraday graphs also shows the time of the bar
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whose prices are displayed.
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FIGURE 2.9 When technical studies are displayed, the information for the segment of time where the cursor is pointed is displayed in the data line.
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Fundamentals of Chart Creation
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ProphetCharts provides many different kinds of nancial instruments, but you may not always remember the symbol associated with what you want to chart. There are three helpful symbol search tools built into the program. To get to any of these, click on the Symbols menu (Figure 2.10) at the top of the applet. The rst selection, Symbol Search, lets you search for any equity symbol (which includes mutual funds) based on its name. You don t have to know the entire name of the company just the rst part is all you need to enter. Type in as much of the name as you like, and either press Enter or click Search. The results are shown in Figure 2.11.
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FIGURE 2.10 The Symbols menu lets you nd any stock, option, or futures
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FIGURE 2.11 Entering a portion of a company s name will yield all the company names which have that as part of their name.
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Once you nd the name (and symbol) you want to chart, you can either double-click on your choice or select it (with one mouse click) and click on the Get Chart button. The Symbol Search dialog box will remain open in case you want to nd other symbols, and you can see the resulting chart behind it. Once you are through looking for symbols, you can click the Close button.
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If you have ever traded options, you already know that the symbols are virtually impossible to remember. They are a combination of a root symbol (which often has little correlation to the underlying security symbol), a strike symbol, and an expiration symbol. Added to this complication is the fact that it s dif cult to know what strikes and months are available for any given stock or index. The Options Search wizard in ProphetCharts eliminates this problem. Choose Find Option . . . from the Symbols menu, and the Options Wizard appears. The only information you need to provide is the stock symbol whose option you want to nd. Enter the symbol in the Symbol box and click the Set button (Figure 2.12). This will cause the Options Wizard to query the database for all expiration months and strike prices available for a particular stock. Once this information is loaded, choose the expiration month and year you want from the Expiration dropdown, the strike price you want from the Strike Price dropdown, and click Get Chart.
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FIGURE 2.12 The Options Wizard makes it easy to locate an arcane options
symbol based on a small amount of information.
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Fundamentals of Chart Creation
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Because there are tens of thousands of stocks and funds, the Symbol Search is based on entering as much of the name as you know. There are only a few hundred futures markets, however, so it s possible to take a simpler, hierarchical approach to nding what you need. When you click on Find Future, a dialog box appears (Figure 2.13) that is mostly blank, except for a dropdown menu labeled Groups. These groups are general categories of futures (such as Grains or Currencies ) from which you can choose. Click on the Groups dropdown and select the group of interest to you. Once you do, the dropdown beneath Groups is lled with the individual markets that comprise that group. For example, if you choose Grains, markets such as Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat will appear for your selection. You should therefore choose which market in particular is of interest to you. When you do this, the Futures Wizard does something very helpful: it ascertains for that market what years and months are available from the database. This can be a real time-saver, since the months and years for different markets vary widely. In Figure 2.14, for instance, Wheat has been chosen, so all of the possible years (from 1959 forward) and months for Wheat are loaded into the Year and Month dropdown menus, with the front month being automatically selected as a suggestion for what you might want. At this point, you can click on Get Chart to see that particular month. So in the example above, the March 2006 Wheat contract will be displayed
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