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Before delving into charts, you should understand some subtle differences that exist among different nancial instruments that can be charted. Although the vast majority of the readers of this book will be charting stocks, take a moment to understand these differences about charting various kinds of investments: Stocks Data will include the open, high, low, and close of a stock for each given day (or whatever time period chosen) as well as the volume for that same time period. It is also important to note that stocks are adjusted for splits and dividends, which means that values for some stocks will change over time to take these events into account. So if a given stock was $50 on a certain day, and later that stock has a 2-for-1 split, then the price will be adjusted to $25. Indices The data may be identical to stocks (open, high, low, close, volume) but some indices do not have all of this information. Most typically, index data will not have accompanying volume data. In some cases, only the closing price will be available. Mutual Funds Only the closing price will be available, which in the world of mutual funds is known as the Net Asset Value (NAV). There is no volume for mutual funds. Mutual fund distributions are taken into account, so that fund prices are adjusted for these distributions in a similar manner as stocks that are adjusted for splits. Futures/Commodities These markets contain the same price data (open, high, low, and close) and volume data as stocks. They also have one extra eld, known as open interest, which is also charted on the volume portion of the chart. Open interest represents the number of open contracts on a particular market and is shown as a line in Figure 2.4.
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FIGURE 2.4 The black line illustrates the open interest for the commodity being
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charted. It appears in the same pane as the volume bars.
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Fundamentals of Chart Creation
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Options The data for these charts is identical to futures; you should note, however, that both options and futures tend to have fairly short life spans (usually just a couple of months), so the graphs tend to look quite different from those for stocks. Forex Here the information is only one data point per time interval, and unlike any of the other instruments, it de nes a relationship of one thing to another. For example, the popular EUR/USD currency pair de nes the ratio of the Eurodollar to the U.S. dollar. Regardless of what you are charting, one other fact to understand is that each bar (or point) represents a speci c segment in time. That segment could be as little as a single minute or as great as a year.
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Once you are on the ProphetCharts page, go ahead and type in a symbol (such as QQQQ) and press Enter. In a moment, the data should load and the chart should be displayed on your screen. It s valuable to understand that the data needs only to load once for a given symbol. Once you have a chart on your screen, any modi cations you make to that chart such as applying studies, putting drawn objects on it, zooming in to it, or rearranging the elements of the chart screen do not require another download of the data. The only time ProphetCharts has to fetch data again is if you want to load in a new symbol or if you load in a different amount of data for the same symbol (for instance, if you load two years of data when before you had just one). In the lower-left corner of ProphetCharts is a button labeled Detach. Clicking this button detaches the applet (which is a term we will use synonymous with ProphetCharts) from its place on the browser window and allows you to resize it any way you like. Double-clicking the title bar of the applet will maximize it, causing it to ll the entire screen. Because screen real estate is helpful when charting, you may nd it useful to detach the applet any time you use ProphetCharts in order to give it the most workspace.
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