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Undo: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. If you make a mistake, such as deleting an object, deleting all the objects, or performing some other alter-
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JavaCharts and ProphetCharts
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ation of the chart you wish you had not, you can Undo your error by pressing Ctrl-Z on the keyboard or selecting Undo from the Drawing Tools menu. ( 2) Chart Expansion: JavaCharts provides for four different levels of chart expansion (Small, Medium, Large, Super). ProphetCharts provides for thousands of different levels, since the chart can be sized any way you desire by dragging the anchor points. Clicking the Expand Chart button on the toolbar makes the anchor points appear. ( 8) Left Module Size: JavaCharts has three different choices for the left module size Standard, Wide, and Hidden. ProphetCharts allows you to drag the right boundary of the module to the left and right to size it any way you like, and you can click on the left-pointing arrow to make the modules disappear altogether. ( 3)
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Watch Lists
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Right-Click Menu: JavaCharts allows for the copying and moving of items from list to list, the deletion of an item, and the tagging/untagging of an item. The ProphetCharts menu is similar, but you also have the ability to drag-and-drop items from list to list without having to use the rightclick menu at all. ( 4) Count: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. This provides a quantity count following the name of each watch list and portfolio in your modules. This makes it much easier to get a checksum when comparing portfolios to watch lists. ( 14)
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Throughout this book, we have explored the features and application of ProphetCharts (and, by means of this chapter, JavaCharts). But a tool is only as a good as the person using it. In the next (and nal) chapter of this book, we are going to change focus and look at some principles that make a person succeed as a trader. The right tool and the right mindset can make all the difference.
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A Practical Guide to Trading
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In this book, we ve covered a lot of ground with respect to technical analysis, charting, and the ProphetCharts product. There are hundreds of books written about all aspects of trading, including books about technical indicators, the psychology of trading, futures, options, and just about every other imaginable subject. We shall not endeavor to incorporate the vast knowledge and information from those books here, since it is the principal goal of this volume to make you comfortable and con dent using ProphetCharts. However, there are some basic guidelines about any kind of trading that will be helpful to most people who decide to trade, be it professionally or casually, and we will review those in this nal chapter. It should be mentioned that it is often tempting for people to keep a list of their own trading rules, particularly as they generate losses which they regret and wish to avoid in the future. Keeping a diary of trading experiences is a valuable exercise, but what often happens with a list of rules is that the list grows so long and arcane as to be almost useless. The old saying about how you can never step into the same stream twice holds true for trading, and over the months and years that you are trading, you will be faced with a never-ending set of changing circumstances. It is dif cult to bind these with speci c rules. There is a philosophy behind good trading, however, that can stand up to changing circumstances, and it can be divided into three simple and obvious components: how to open a position, how to hold a position, and how to close a position.
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