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JavaCharts and ProphetCharts both apply, the term ProphetCharts will be used here for simplicity s sake. Each line in MarketMatrix displays a symbol as well as a quote for that symbol (in the case of a watch list) or a pro t/loss for your position in that symbol (in the case of a portfolio). When you right-click on a symbol, a popup menu appears, and one of the choices offered is ProphetCharts (Figure 14.1). You can select this or, for the same result, double-click that line to make a chart appear. You are not limited to displaying just one chart on your screen. You can have multiple charts displayed, each of which can have its own properties. There does not need to be any correlation between the charts at all they can have different symbols, different time periods, some be streaming, some not be streaming, and so forth. The goal is for you to get a view into the market that is helpful without being overwhelming. You can create multiple chart instances by repeatedly invoking ProphetCharts from MarketMatrix, or you can use the Clone feature (discussed in 2) to create new charts using any existing chart style. Figure 14.2 illustrates how all the available chart styles appear when the
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FIGURE 14.1 This is the popup menu that appears when you right-click an item
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in a portfolio within MarketMatrix.
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JavaCharts and ProphetCharts
FIGURE 14.2 When you clone a chart, you can select any of the chart styles you have made as the basis for the clone.
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down arrow next to Clone is clicked. Choosing any of these styles will produce another chart instance using the speci ed style. As a simple example, Figure 14.3 shows two charts simultaneously displayed. The top one is a streaming ve-day minute-bar chart of the S&P 500 index, which also includes streaming real time quotes. The lower one is a ve-year daily chart of the S&P 500 ETFs (symbol SPY). This kind of conjoint short term/long term view is popular among swing traders that need two perspectives at once. No matter how many charts you have, you will nd it time-consuming to create, resize, and position each and every chart day after day. This is particularly true if you use multiple video screens, since arranging the various elements that are available with MarketMatrix (such as multiple Watch Lists, multiple Portfolios, Options Chains, Time & Sales, Level 2, and multiple ProphetCharts) takes a lot of time and care. For this reason, there is a time-saving feature called Desktop in MarketMatrix which allows you to preserve all the elements you have laid out on the screen into a custom-named desktop. Therefore, when
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FIGURE 14.3 These two charts appear on the same screen, the top showing an intraday streaming graph and the bottom showing a daily multi-year graph.
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you call up this desktop again, everything you ve laid out particularly including the charts will be put back in the same place using the same size, symbols, and other parameters. All you need to do is click the Desktop dropdown menu and choose the Save option to get the dialog box as shown in Figure 14.4. Once your layout is saved, you can access it from the same popup menu in MarketMatrix. Just click on Desktop and choose Layouts (Figure 14.5). Any desktops you have saved already will be shown in a sub-menu,
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JavaCharts and ProphetCharts
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FIGURE 14.4 You should save a desktop with a name describing the purpose or
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layout of the desktop.
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FIGURE 14.5 Any layouts you have created already will be presented in the popup so you can instigate that layout with one click.
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and all you need to do is click on the desktop name you want to invoke in order to create it.
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On the Investor Toolbox, there is another level of integration that makes ProphetCharts more helpful as a trading tool, and that is the
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integration of portfolio data directly within the applet. You may recall that one of the modules available on the left panel is My Portfolios (located between My Watch Lists and My Study Sets). If you choose to display this module, it will show you the name and contents of every portfolio you have created on the Investor Toolbox, along with the size and entry price of each position (Figure 14.6). You will see the same portfolio re ected in MarketMatrix. For example, Figure 14.7 shows a portfolio called Trust. The number of positions is displayed, showing 10 short equity positions and 24 option positions. These same positions, under the name Trust, will be available in ProphetCharts, since all the data is shared between the applets and the web site. One helpful thing about Watch Lists and Portfolios both being available as modules is that you can make sure you have an accurate representation of your holdings. One feature ProphetCharts provides is the ability to show a quantity count for each watch list and portfolio. Under the Preferences dialog box, check the Show Item Counts checkbox to turn on this feature.
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