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Practice your technique. Action photography requires a skill set that is different than that of a portrait photographer. Be prepared to shoot a lot of images. After you get comfortable with the type of event you re shooting, you ll learn to anticipate where the action will be and anticipate the peaks. Experiment with different shutter speeds. Sometimes slowing down the shutter speed and using the on-board ash can freeze the action and result in unique, one-of-a-kind images. Don t stop shooting. There are great moments to be captured after the play is over, and the photographer who keeps looking and shooting will get those shots. Stay focused on the participants for that emotional response after the play that can sum up the whole game in one shot. As Yogi Berra used to say, It ain t over till it s over!
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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Obtaining Permission
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When photographing people, it s generally a good idea to ask if they mind if you take their pictures. This is especially true when photographing someone s children other than your own. You should always nd a parent or guardian and ask permission before photographing their kids. Generally, I keep a pad and paper in my camera bag, I ask for a mailing or e-mail address, and I offer to send the family a copy of the photo, either in print form or as an electronic le. If you re planning to publish your photographs or use them on the Web, it s also mandatory to have secured a photo release, also known as a model release form. Depending on the language on the form, when signed by the person you photographed, this document allows you to use the image for publication and any other legal use that you wish. If your subject is under the age of 18, you must have the parent or legal guardian sign the release form. Many sample photo release forms are available on the Internet. Read them carefully or have an attorney do it for you to choose the right one for you.
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Concert and Event Photography
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Concert and event photography can be an extremely rewarding photographic endeavor, especially if you re a music fan, but it s not without its own set of unique dif culties. If this particular area of photography appeals to you, a good start is attending small concerts or music clubs where local bands perform to perfect your skills. It s here that you can experiment with mixed light sources, slower-than-normal shutter speeds, ash, zooming in, or panning the camera. Providing images you shot of the performers may endear you to the band or entertainers and provide more opportunities or other performance situations to shoot.
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Preparation and considerations
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As with sports and event shooting, I begin by trying to nd a clean background and shooting position where I am not blocking anyone s view. I try to get as close as possible to maximize my G11 s zooming range.
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6 Ever yday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11
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For smaller venues, there may be no choice of background, so I try to shoot from both sides of the stage. Performers with guitars present the photographer with a nice triangular composition that looks good when shot in tight. Some venues or performers do not allow flash photography at all. In these situations, use the widest aperture you have and try to use the lowest ISO possible while still maintaining a shutter speed that keeps up with the performer.
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The biggest challenge I nd is establishing a base exposure that still retains detail in the highlights of performers as they move in and out of the strong spotlights on the stage. To this end, I also experiment with white balance settings even though I might be getting good results with AWB. In the past, I ve gotten great results with Tungsten and custom white balances, so I alternate among the three as stage lighting changes to establish which is best. A lot of times the stage lighting is warm, and a Tungsten white balance cools things off a bit yet still produces pleasing skin tones. At concerts, I use the Auto Exposure Lock button, setting the exposure on the hottest highlight area of the performer s body. Alternately, you can use the Spot meter to determine the exposure of the face. For all indoor events on a stage, I shoot wide open at the lowest ISO that I can set and still get 1/60 second or slower at f/2.8 with my built-in IS lens. With the high ISO range of the PowerShot G11, I m excited about shooting concerts now at exposure combinations and low noise levels not previously possible.
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6.6 Cafes, small clubs, and coffee houses are perfect venues for testing the performance of your PowerShot G11, such as this shot of Tana and the Fascinators performing at Dante s. Taken at ISO 1600, f/4.5, 1/20 second with a 30.5mm lens setting.
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