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What You ll Learn from This Book
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This book is written for those Canon PowerShot G11 owners who may be new to photography and seeking professional results with their new camera. Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide also strives to be a great resource to learning about all the exciting new features of the PowerShot G11; and as a digital eld guide, it is small enough to t conveniently in your camera bag. Take it along with you and let it assist you in understanding the technical data, as well as offer up creative ideas to make your photography a fun and rewarding endeavor. This book offers you a solid foundation of photographic fundamentals along with fun tips, tricks, and advice based on the real-world experiences of a working commercial photographer who has been using digital cameras for many years. I am excited to be a part of your journey a tour guide, if you will on your path to producing fantastic images with your Canon PowerShot G11.
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Quick Tour
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any photographers, both amateur and professional, relish that special joy of bringing new camera equipment home, opening the boxes, and taking the gear out for a test drive to see what it can do, whether it s a camera, lens, or special accessory. As a professional photographer, that excitement has not diminished in the least, but I do take a bit of time now to check out all the buttons, menus, and external camera controls before making photographs with the new gear. I want to learn to see as the camera sees.
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The PowerShot G11 is speedy enough to capture these long-distance runners at a recent track meet. Taken in Aperture Priority at ISO 800, f/11, 1/800 second with a 21.7mm lens setting.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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Getting Up and Running Quickly
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This Quick Tour assumes you have read the PowerShot G11 manual and gets you up to speed by providing brief explanations of some of the controls and settings you need to use to make your rst photographs with your new equipment. At the end of this Quick Tour, you should feel comfortable making images with your new G11. By then, you should be ready to move on to the subsequent chapters, where you learn more detailed explanations of the camera s controls, dials, and buttons; some rules for basic photo compositions; and advice on how to get the most out of your camera in different types of shooting situations and scenes. If you have previously owned a Canon G-series or other PowerShot camera, many of the controls may already be familiar to you as you explore your new G11. New users, though, may be confused by the fact that while some controls are single-function only, other controls may serve double duty, handling several functions or even functions that can be set more than one way.
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QT.1 The PowerShot G11 is a feature-rich, compact digital camera that offers complete creative control and automatic modes for every type of photographer.
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Quick Tour
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At rst glance, you should be able to identify and locate the following controls you will need to be aware of as you begin to use your new PowerShot G11: Power button. Located on the top of the camera, directly behind the Shutter Release button and indicated by On/Off labeling and the power lamp that glows green when the camera is turned on. The Power button sits ush with the top panel of the camera so that you don t mistake it for the Shutter Release button and inadvertently turn the camera off instead of taking a picture. Shutter Release button. Pressing the Shutter Release button halfway down activates the autofocusing system, and pressing it all the way down takes the picture. The Shutter Release button is surrounded by the Zoom lever. Zoom lever. Identi ed by the magnifying glass, trees, and checker icons, the Zoom lever has a tab that extends toward the front of the camera that you use to activate its functions. Indicator lamps. To the right of the view nder are two indicator lamps that glow either of two colors that alert you to various states of the camera s readiness, such as inability to focus; ash on; camera shake warning; or reading, recording, or transmitting images. ISO dial. Surrounding the Mode dial, the ISO dial has a lamp that indicates it can be actively adjusted in certain Shooting modes, and it has a range of ISO 80 to 3200 along with Auto ISO. Mode dial. The Mode dial is where you set all the Shooting modes such as Movies, Low Light, and Scene modes, along with two user-customized Shooting modes. 4-Way Controller. This control is actually several controls in one. The Control dial is the outside ring that rotates, with different functions controlled by pressing the top, bottom, right, and left side sections of the dial. Function/Set button. Located in the center of the 4-Way Controller, this button is similar to Enter on a computer keyboard. Use this button to adjust, change, and con rm certain camera functions. Menu button. Located on the bottom right of the camera, you press this button to access the on-screen menus for shooting, setup, and My Menu settings. Display button. To the left of the Menu button is the Display button, which allows you to switch between viewing modes during normal shooting and controls other functions while shooting in Scene modes. Several other buttons on the back of the camera are explained in s 1 and 2, but getting acclimated to the previous list of controls allows you to quickly start shooting with the PowerShot G11.
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