Face Self-timer mode in .NET

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Face Self-timer mode
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Face Self-timer mode is a G11 technology that instantly recognizes when a face (ideally, you, the photographer) enters a scene, and res the camera 2 seconds later. In this mode, you compose your group shot, aim the camera, and press the Shutter Release button. The G11 will autofocus and set exposure, and a green frame will appear around one of the faces and white frames around some others. Press the Shutter Release button fully and the lamp blinks and the beeper sounds as the camera waits for a new face to enter the scene. When it does, the blinking and
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3 Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11
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beeping speed up and approximately 2 seconds later the camera takes three frames. When setting up the Face Self-timer mode, you have the choice of taking from one to ten images by pressing the Menu button and turning the Control dial to select the amount, although three images is the default.
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Customizing the Self-timer
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At the bottom of the Self-timer menu is the Custom timer mode where you can set both the delay time and number of shots taken. Choose from delay times of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, or 30 seconds by turning the Control dial or pressing the left and right areas of the 4-Way Controller. You use the same controls to set the number of shots the G11 will take between 1 and 10.
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Viewing and Playing Back Images
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Image review includes magnifying the new 2.8-inch Vari-Angle PureColor II VA LCD image to check for sharpness, review the brightness (luminance) histogram for localized areas of overexposure, and/or review the images to check color saturation, contrast, and white-balance bias. And with this unprecedented ability to gauge exposure and composition on the spot, image evaluation can quickly solidify the settings for vacation or event shooting, or alert you to the need for a quick exposure change before the light changes on a stunning landscape scene. One of the rst things you ll want to do is to change the default display time, which is initially set to 2 seconds, barely enough time to remove the camera from your eye or shooting position to preview the image. I understand the display time is intentionally set conservatively to maximize battery life, but given the excellent battery performance, a display time of 4 to 8 seconds is more practical and it doesn t signi cantly impact the battery performance. Also, if you re showing an image on the LCD to friends or subjects and you want the image to stay displayed until you dismiss it, you can set the display time to the Hold option so that the image is displayed until you dismiss the playback. To change the length of image playback review time, follow these steps: 1. Press the Menu button. Unless you have selected My Menu to display rst, the Shooting menu appears on the LCD. Navigate with the Control dial or the up and down areas of the 4-Way Controller to select Review.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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2. Press the left and right areas of the 4-Way Controller to select a new review time. The Review time options, which include Off, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 seconds, and Hold, appear as you scroll through the choices. 3. Press the Shutter Release button to return to shooting. If you select Hold, the picture is displayed until you press the Shutter Release button to dismiss the display. Viewing images for a longer time depletes the battery faster. The option you choose remains in effect until you change it.
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Playback display options
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The PowerShot G11 offers several image playback display options including singleimage display with three options for displaying or not displaying exposure information, magni ed view, index display, or slide show (auto) playback. When you press the Playback button, the most recently reviewed or shot image is displayed rst, in whatever viewing mode it was left in. To move through multiple images on the memory card, turn the Control dial counterclockwise to view the previous image, or turn the dial clockwise to view the next captured image on the card. As the name suggests, single-image display enables you to see one image on the LCD at a time. This is the default playback mode on the G11. For single-image playback, you can choose three display formats: Single image with no shooting information. When shooting photos of friends and family where you ll want to show them the images being captured, this is a good display option because it provides a clean, uncluttered view of the images. Single image display with simple shooting information. With this option, minor shooting information is displayed on the top and bottom right of the LCD. The top-right display shows the image name and the image number relative to the number of images captured (for example, 11/11, or 11 of 11 stored images) and the battery status indicator. The bottom information shows the Image quality setting and date and time the image was taken. This display option is useful during a quick image review to verify exposures for an AEB series of images, or to recall the date and time of a previous image. Single image with detailed shooting information. This data-rich view includes all the exposure and le information, a gray-and-white ashing display showing areas of overexposure, ash exposure, capture time, the histogram, and more. To display this amount of information, the image preview is necessarily reduced to about one-fourth of the full LCD preview size.
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