Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11 in .NET

Embed USS Code 39 in .NET Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11
3 Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11
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The exposure level meter on the LCD indicates the amount of overexposure or underexposure from the camera s calculated ideal exposure. If the amount of under- or overexposure is +/ 2 EV, the exposure level indicator turns orange to show the amount of plus or minus EV in the view nder and on the LCD. You can then adjust either the aperture or shutter speed until the exposure level you want is displayed on the LCD. The same aperture and shutter speed values detailed in the preceding sections are available in Manual mode. In Manual mode, you can set the white balance, My Colors, bracketing, Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC), Neutral Density, and the drive, metering, and Image Quality modes from the Function menu.
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C1 and C2 modes
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The G11 expands the convenience of customizable modes by adding two to the Mode dial: C1and C2. With C modes, you can save and recall your favorite or most frequently used camera settings. These modes are ideal for photographers who routinely shoot in the same place, such as at home, a park, or an event location, and want to quickly recall the camera settings speci c to that location. Others will nd it convenient to set up the C modes for speci c types of shooting, such as portraits or landscapes. This way you can quickly turn the Mode dial to your favorite settings when an opportunity for that kind of shot arises. In these modes, the camera saves and recalls many settings, including white balance, Shooting mode, My Colors, zoom position setting, My Menu items, and more. For more on registering the C modes, see 2.
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Low Light mode
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The PowerShot G11 not only performs better in relation to noise levels than previous G-series cameras, but it now includes a new Low Light mode. This mode sets the ISO Speed setting automatically between 320 and 12,800 to attain optimal settings for handholding the camera in low light. Try this mode when you need to go beyond ISO 3200 yet still don t want to use ash. Low Light mode is indicated on the Mode dial by a candle icon and enables you to shoot up to an expanded ISO of 12,800 in a reduced 2.5MP resolution at a quick 2.4fps (frames per second) capturing natural indoor shots without the need for a ash. Low Light mode is set at 1824 x 1368 resolution but this is more than suf cient for 4x6-inch prints and, in some cases, 5x7-inch prints as well.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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3.6 Low Light mode yields good tonal quality and natural lighting with sharp detail in this handheld shot of a designer bedroom. Taken in Manual mode at ISO 400, f/8, 1/20 second with a 6.1mm lens setting.
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Low Light mode is good for capturing some action photos in low light because of its quick 2.4 frames per second shutter, but there is a trade-off in le size and resolution, limiting your optimal printing choices to smaller prints. The Low Light le size is about one-quarter the Large JPEG image le size. In this mode, the recording pixel resolution is exactly one-half in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Each pixel in the resulting Low Light image appears to be generated from 4 pixels (2 x 2) from the image sensor. You are limited to Auto ISO Speed settings in Low Light mode, meaning you have no control over the ISO, and the AF-assist lamp is on by default and cannot be deactivated.
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3 Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11
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Quick Shot mode
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ISO 320 1/30 F2.8 In Quick Shot mode, you compose and shoot only through the view nder 2 1 0 1 2 0 while the LCD monitor is dedicated to displaying the main exposure controls. Indicated on the Mode dial by a ying camera icon, Quick Shot allows adjust528 ing camera functions from the new Quick Shot screen. Once in Quick Shot 3.7 The new Quick Shot screen of the G11 mode, simply press the Function/Set button, and scroll around the controls and highlight the one that needs changing, then turn the Control dial to cycle through choices for that particular function.
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From these control screens, use the top, bottom, left, and right areas of the 4-Way Controller and the Quick Control dial to make your selections and press the Function/ Set button to accept all changes. The interface is elegant, the type and symbols are large and easy to see, and the 4-Way Controller button s response is fast and accurate. I must say I was very impressed with this new display on my rst outings with the G11, not only for its ability to quickly change exposure, shooting mode, image quality, and My Color settings but to be able to see a nice illuminated adjustable readout of those settings in the midst of a fast-paced shooting session.
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