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Other approaches to password patterns include Dick Riehle s password pattern language in [Riehle2002] and the patterns presented by Schumacher et al. [SRM03]. Other techniques that are alternatives to passwords are described by the following patterns:
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BIOMETRICS DESIGN ALTERNATIVES (229) is described in this chapter. Thumbnails of the other patterns can be found in 5, The Security Pattern Landscape.
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Biometrics Design Alternatives 229
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7.4 Biometrics Design Alternatives
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This pattern aids the selection of appropriate biometric mechanisms to satisfy I&A requirements. Biometric mechanisms considered are face recognition, finger image, hand geometry, iris recognition, retinal scanning, signature verification, and speaker verification. Additional mechanisms, including DNA, are identified for completeness.
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The internal maintenance and research areas of the new gemstone wing of the museum essentially afford staff access directly to high-value assets and to the information on those assets. While physical entry for these activities is being tightly controlled, access to sensitive asset information must also be restricted. To gain access to the Web server with strictly controlled asset information, staff are required to log-on to the Web server. Part of the log-on process will be use of a biometric to provide additional verification of employee identities. Alvin the system architect must determine which biometric mechanism is most appropriate for the museum.
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The person applying this pattern understands the requirements for I&A, along with their relative importance, for example from the results of applying I&A REQUIREMENTS (192). A decision has been made to use biometrics for I&A, for example from the results of applying AUTOMATED I&A DESIGN ALTERNATIVES (207), but which biometrics technique to use has not been decided. The decision to use some form of biometrics is typically made in the context of a user population of limited size, because of the enrolment effort required.
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Discussion: What do all biometric mechanisms have in common All biometric mechanisms share an underlying methodology involving enrolment (which is outside the scope of this pattern) and verification or identification. At enrolment, the person offers a live sample of the biometric, such as a finger image. This is scanned electronically, processed and stored as a template, which is a mathematical representation of the original sample. Once the template is captured, the original sample data is no longer used and is discarded. Alternatively, it might be wise to keep the original raw sample data, against the possibility that better template-algorithms and representations might become available in the future: in some areas such
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Identification and Authentication (I&A)
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as fingerprint recognition, technology is changing and significant improvement can be expected. Keeping the raw sample data would allow one to benefit from newer algorithms without the need to re-enrol all users. To confirm identity at a future time, the individual presents the live sample, which is matched against the stored template. In a 1:many search, the individual presents only the live sample, and the database is searched for a match. This is called identification. In a 1:1 search, the user presents a name or other identifier along with the live sample. The system checks the live sample only against templates stored under that identifier. This is called verification. [Seffers2001]. When biometrics are used for verification, the captured biometric record is matched against one biometric template in the data store to determine a match. The one biometric template in the data store is found by association with a presented identifier, acquired separately via non-biometric means such as a token. This is a 1:1 match, and answers the question Am I who I say I am When biometrics are used for identification, the biometric capture and conversion are the same, but no separate identifier is acquired, and therefore the verifier matches the biometric record against all biometric records in the data store. If a match is found, the associated identifier is found. This is a 1:many match, and answers the question Who am I The result is still success or failure, and in the case of success, an identifier is produced. If the identifier is considered to be verified or authenticated, then in effect the biometric technique provides a full I&A solution.
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