Automated I&A Design Alternatives 209 in .NET

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Automated I&A Design Alternatives 209
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techniques from two or more of these categories: something you know, something you have, something you are, and where you are.
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An I&A strategy may be influenced by the selection of strategies for other I&A domains within an enterprise. Using a single technique for I&A across an organization may be efficient, but it is also dangerous, because it is a single point of failure.
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Systematically review the characteristics of the available I&A techniques, and select a strategy that consists of one or more techniques. Proven techniques include user ID/ password, hardware token, biometrics, PKI, and I&A of unregistered users. These are not the only techniques that exist, or that will exist in the future, but they are the techniques described in this pattern. The selection process is typically performed by a person or team serving in the role of system architect, security architect, or enterprise architect, depending on the nature and scope of the domain. The process includes several activities: explicitly assembling the necessary inputs for decision making is an important first step. Inputs include a definition of the I&A domain or scope of the strategy, I&A requirements, and the general values of factors for each I&A technique. The inputs are then used to define specific technique profiles for the chosen domain. With this information, you can compare the I&A requirements with techniques to determine the best matches. Finally, if no individual technique adequately matches the requirements, you can look at combinations of techniques.
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This section first provides further detail on the process that was summarized in the Solution section, then presents information on technique profiles. Finally, considerations are given for combining techniques and selecting a strategy.
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Process Guidelines
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The selection process includes the following steps: 1. Assemble the necessary inputs for decision making. Two of the inputs are a definition of the I&A domain or scope and the I&A requirements. If you have applied the pattern, both of these inputs should be available. The requirements should include enterprise constraints, and an indication of the importance of each requirement for example via ranking, weighting, or criticality indicators. The third input is a technique factor profile
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Identification and Authentication (I&A)
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summary, that is, general values of factors for each technique. Table 7.4 on page 213 provides a summary that you can use for certain I&A techniques. 2. Define the specific technique profiles for this domain. The next step is to specialize the general technique factor profile for your specific I&A domain. You can use the technique profiles discussion below to tailor the value of each technique in your domain. For example, if your domain excludes software actors, then satisfaction of the requirement to support a variety of user types (that is, the entry for User Types) is high for all techniques with respect to your domain. 3. Compare the I&A requirements with individual technique profiles. If one technique satisfies the requirements, select that technique as the I&A strategy: if not, perform step 4. 4. If no single technique is adequate, look at combinations of techniques. Combine techniques that have complementary strengths and weaknesses. You might benefit from the discussion of combinations and the overall organizational perspective that follows Table 7.4.
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Technique Profiles
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I&A techniques differ in what they use for IDs, identifiers, and authenticators, as well as other characteristics that affect their selection. A description of each technique is given. The purpose of this section is to define their comparative characteristics. Each I&A technique has a characteristic profile with respect to factors affecting the ability of the technique to satisfy the requirements. The profile for each technique is discussed here and summarized in Table 7.4.
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