Enterprise Security and Risk Management in .NET

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Enterprise Security and Risk Management
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The base metric represents the properties of a vulnerability that do not change over time, such as access complexity, access vector, degree to which the vulnerability compromises the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system, and requirement for authentication to the system. The temporal metric measures the properties that do change over time, such as the existence of an official patch or functional exploit code, and the level of effort to remedy the vulnerability. The environmental metric measures the properties of a vulnerability that are representative of users IT environment, such as prevalence of the affected system and overall potential loss.
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Known Uses
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A vulnerability assessment is a key component of all widely accepted risk assessments, including those from [NIST800-30], [ISO13335-3], [Pel01], and others. While they differ slightly in their approach, the purposes and overall goals are consistent.
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This pattern has the following benefits:
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An enterprise obtains a list of all vulnerabilities that could impact their systems, some which may have been previously unknown. The enterprise is able to rank the vulnerabilities according to severity and potential impact. An enterprise is able to recognize which vulnerabilities can be discounted where there are no accompanying threats.
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It also has the following liabilities:
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A thorough vulnerability scan involves the coordination of many departments and may be difficult to initiate if these departments are not in cooperation. This pattern cannot be used in isolation to patch or eliminate vulnerabilities. The results of VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT (125) should be returned to the RISK DETERMINATION (137) pattern, where the final risk can be determined and an appropriate control implemented.
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Risk Determination 137
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6.5 Risk Determination
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Risk determination is the final stage of a risk-assessment process, and incorporates the results from an asset valuation, a threat assessment and a vulnerability assessment. Using the input of these patterns, the enterprise is able to evaluate and prioritize the risks to its assets.
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Risk Evaluation
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The museum has identified the following assets as part of the its risk assessment: Information asset types
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Museum employee data Museum financial/insurance data, partner financial data Museum contractual data and business planning Museum research and associated data Museum advertisements and other public data Museum database of collections information
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Physical assets
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Museum building Museum staff Museum collections and exhibits Museum transport vehicles
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It has also completed the three major steps in a risk assessment, as defined by ASSET VALUATION (103), THREAT ASSESSMENT (113), and VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT (125). It must now assimilate this information, evaluate the overall risk, and present the results.
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Enterprise Security and Risk Management
An enterprise has defined the assets to be included in a risk assessment and has evaluated the importance of those assets in an asset valuation table. As well, it has performed a threat assessment and vulnerability assessment and collected unique combinations of threats and vulnerabilities in a threat-vulnerability table.
Once the work has been done to determine an asset s worth and assess the threats and vulnerabilities that affect it, its overall risk needs to be determined. Without a formal method for determining risk, how can one be assured that effort expended in protecting an asset is too high or too low How does an enterprise evaluate the risks posed to its assets An enterprise must resolve the following forces:
The results of the risk assessment must be understood by the executive team if they are to address risk in the enterprise effectively. Determination of risk is directly related to asset value, threat likelihood, and vulnerability severity. Conducting a risk assessment requires resources such as time, people and project funding, as well as a commitment to follow up the results. Quantitative risk measures imply greater precision and are therefore preferred over qualitative indicators, but only if the quantitative scores are based on adequate measurements: false precision in risk levels is misleading.