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Susan Chapin
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Susan Chapin has worked in research on information system technologies and issues relating to the management of security. She investigated the Windows NT/Windows 2000 operating system from an information security perspective, participated in the xxiii
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xxiv About the Authors development of a multi-level operating system for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and supported the development of high-level security architectures for the US Treasury Department, which included a focus on issues and uses of enterprisewide directory services for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Some of her recent research has included studies of procedures to support the true integration of security into an enterprise architecture. Susan retired from MITRE in September 2003.
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Nelly Delessy-Gassant
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Nelly Delessy-Gassant is a Ph.D. student at Florida Atlantic University, working under the direction of Dr. Eduardo B. Fernandez. Her dissertation work is about trust in systems using Web Services. She is the author of several security patterns, for example in the area of firewalls.
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Paul Dyson
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Paul Dyson has built large-scale internet-based systems for a number of companies that include Philips,, and Interbrew. On these projects Paul has taken the role of application architect, designing both hardware and software architectures, as well as providing technical leadership to the development teams. He is a conference presenter and has chaired international events such as EuroPLoP and OT.
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Ben Elsinga
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Ben Elsinga is a specialist in information architecture and information security. He has carried out several assignments in the areas of risk analyses, security architecture, as well as acting as an interim security manager and a lecturer on information security courses. Within Capgemini Benelux, Ben led all research and information security development activities. He created a competence network of security specialists and consultants, and is member of the board of the Dutch information security society (GvIB). The vision Ben has is that information security should be integrated into every change, and that humans are the weakest link in the chain. He feels very comfortable in dynamic environments and from an innovative and result-driven attitude he likes to create new and secure business solutions. In an environment that contains the combination of system development and information security, Ben takes responsibility for a team of specialists to fulfill challenging assignments. He is a Capgemini certified senior IT architect, specialized in system development and information security. Ben successfully passed a B-screening by the Dutch government, and he is also a certified Prince-2 practitioner and is also a certified CISSP in information security.
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About the Authors xxv
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Eduardo B. Fernandez
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Eduardo B. Fernandez (Eduardo Fernandez-Buglioni) is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. He has published numerous papers on authorization models, objectoriented analysis and design, and fault-tolerant systems. He has written three books on these subjects. He has lectured all over the world at both academic and industrial meetings, and has created and taught several graduate and undergraduate courses and industrial tutorials. His current interests include security patterns and Web Services security. He holds an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and a Member of ACM. He is an active consultant for industry, including assignments with IBM, Allied Signal, Motorola, Lucent, and others.
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Mei Fullerton
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Mei Fullerton recently completed her M.S. in Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University (May 2005). Since then she has worked as a software engineer at Office Depot, Delray Beach, Florida.
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Manuel G rtz
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Manuel G rtz is a researcher in the field of context-aware communication services. He holds an M.Sc. (Diplom) in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from the Technischen Universit t Darmstadt (TUD). He joined the Multimedia Communication Lab headed by Prof. Ralf Steinmetz at TUD in 2000. He recently received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology on the topic of Efficient Real-time Communication Services Utilizing Contexts. Manuel G rtz has actively working in the area of Voice over IP for many years. He was a member of the task-force that hosted the IP telephony trial for the Darmstadt scientific region, analyzing security threads and operational issues. He has worked for many years in industry projects to design and prototype communication solutions for the future. Manuel is an author of numerous peer-reviewed papers and several invention reports. His key expertise lies in the domain of signaling, advanced communication services and security patterns.
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