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Demilitarized Zone
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Any organization conducting e-commerce or publishing information over Web technologies must make their service easily accessible to their users. However, any form of Web site or e-commerce system is a potential target for attack, especially those on the Internet. A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separates the business functionality and information from the Web servers that deliver it, and places the Web servers in a secure area. This reduces the surface area of the system that is open to attack.
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Protection Reverse Proxy
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Putting a Web server or an application server directly on the Internet gives attackers direct access to any vulnerabilities of the underlying platform (application, Web server, libraries, operating system). However, to provide a useful service to Internet users, access to your server is required. A packet filter firewall shields your server from attacks at the network level. In addition, a PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457) protects the server software at the level of the application protocol.
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Integration Reverse Proxy
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A Web site constructed from applications from different sources might require several different servers because of the heterogeneous operating requirement of the different applications. Because of the Internet addressing scheme, this distribution across several hosts is visible to the end user. Any change of the distribution or switch of parts
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The Security Pattern Landscape
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of the site to a different host can invalidate URLs used so far, either cross-links to the Web site or bookmarks set up by users. An INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) alleviates this situation by providing a homogenous view of a collection of servers, without leaking the physical distribution of the individual machines to end users.
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Front Door
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Web applications and services often need to identify a user and keep track of a user s session. Integrating several such services allows a single log-in and session context to be provided. A reverse proxy is an ideal point to implement authentication and authorization, by implementing a Web entry server for your back-ends. A sophisticated reverse proxy can even access external back-ends, providing the user s id and password automatically from a password wallet.
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5.9 Cryptographic Key Management Patterns
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Many services in a distributed public network such as the Internet require secure communications. Security in communications consists of confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiability. These aims can be achieved with cryptography. Key management plays a fundamental role in secure communications, as it is the basis of all cryptographic functions. Sami Lehtonen and Juha P rssinen have compiled a set of ten patterns for key management [Leh02]. They are designed to answer basic key management requirements in respect of secure communications. As such they build a foundation for subsequent security services such as I&A and SECURE CHANNELS (434) that provide confidentiality of sensitive information. Note that these patterns are not described in this book.
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Secure Communication
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Alice wants to communicate with Bob but there might be somebody eavesdropping. They want to keep their secrets and not reveal them to Eve the eavesdropper. How to prevent data from being intercepted Alice and Bob use a public symmetric algorithm for encrypting data.
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Cryptographic Key Generation
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Secure communications between Alice and Bob are possible with encryption. Alice and Bob have decided to use symmetric encryption. How should they generate good symmetric encryption keys securely Alice follows three steps: 1. Alice gathers enough seeding material from a reliable source. 2. She generates a 128-bit key with a one-way hash function from that seeding material.
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Cryptographic Key Management Patterns
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3. She compares the generated key against a list of known weak keys of the encryption algorithm to be used. If the key is known to be weak, she goes to step 1. This session key is used only in one communication session.
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Session Key Exchange with Public Keys
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Alice and Bob are going to encrypt data to be transferred between them. Alice has created a session key. They don t have certificates, because certificates are expensive. How can they deliver the session key securely Authentication requires digital signatures, as well as certificates or public keys. Alice encrypts the session key with Bob s public key, adds a digital signature with her private key and sends it to Bob. Bob can then verify the digital signature with Alice s public key and decrypt the session key with his private key.