An example of integration using an enterprise framework is given in Section 4.5. in .NET

Integrated QR Code in .NET An example of integration using an enterprise framework is given in Section 4.5.
An example of integration using an enterprise framework is given in Section 4.5.
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Patterns Organization
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The security view organizes the patterns into eight chapters. 6 presents enterprise level patterns. Enterprise engineers and strategic planners constitute the primary audience for 6 s patterns. These patterns emphasize security considerations that planners need to incorporate into their development of enterprise level strategy, planning activities, business models, risk assessment, goals, and policies. s 7 through 13 present system-level patterns. System analysts and developers, and to a limited extent operations managers, constitute the primary audience of these patterns. The patterns are intended to facilitate the goal of building security into systems, and achieving the security goals and policies defined at the enterprise level. The application of the patterns is intended to yield a collective security view of the system.
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Organization in the Context of an Enterprise Framework
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4.4 Mapping to the Taxonomy
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The figure below maps the eight patterns chapters (6 through 13) to the security taxonomy in 2. Security strategy, driven by overall business strategy, corresponds to 6 patterns. These patterns address security issues at the strategic enterprise-wide level. The patterns are targeted to the organization as a whole, and they define solutions that constrain every system in the enterprise, as well as security management and operations. See figure on page 54. The access-control models in 8, and the architectural-level access-control patterns in 9, map to the services level of the taxonomy. The firewall patterns in 12 map to Automated Mechanisms in the taxonomy. The remainder of the patterns chapters 7, 10, 11, and 13 map to both Security Services and Automated Mechanisms in the taxonomy. The are no patterns in the book that address Management Support, Physical, or Procedural Mechanisms in the taxonomy.
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4.5 Organization in the Context of an Enterprise Framework
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We present a brief example here to illustrate how an enterprise can promote separation and integration of security as part of a larger engineering and enterprise-planning context. The reason for including such an example is that security in general, and the use of the patterns in this book in particular, does not occur in isolation. Security is an important element of a larger purpose, which is to conduct the business of an organization and to engineer and operate systems in support of the business. There are many ways an engineer or enterprise planner can use the patterns in engineering and management. We use the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture [Zac87], [SZ92], [ZIFA] as an example, because it covers the scope of both enterprise and system, and it is a widely-used framework for enterprise engineering. The Zachman Framework provides architectural views as vertical columns, and levels of information models as horizontal rows. The models cover enterprise levels the top two rows and system levels the bottom three rows. The Zachman views are represented in the six columns in the matrix: Data, Function, Network, People, Time, and Motivation. See figure on page 55. The Zachman Framework is used as the basis for adding a security view [HHR02], [HHR+02]), as shown in the figure below. The security view is treated as an additional column added to the Zachman Framework, shown on the right. Thus, one can consider an enterprise security view in the same way that one can consider a data view or functional view. The security view addresses all model levels, from the enterprise scope to the technology model and detailed representations. Integration within the security view is achieved via a system of patterns that captures the relationships between patterns across all these levels. See figure on page 56.
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Patterns Scope and Enterprise Security
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Enterprise business strategies: Business plans, requirements, drivers, constraints, enterprise policy Properties: Confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability Violations: Deception, disruption, unauthorized disclosure, usurpation Security support services: Authorization, system security policy, security planning, registration, operational maintenance, concept of operations, 8 continuity of operations, ... Management support mechanisms: Information system security policies, training, configuration management, disaster recovery, connection service agreements, ... Automated mechanisms: Risk management: 6 Approaches: 6 6 Security strategy and policy
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Asset valuation, vulnerability assessment, threat assessment, risk assessment, risk mitigation Security services:
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