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The Book s Intended Audiences
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This book is intended for anyone who has a little knowledge of security but who needs to incorporate basic security functions into his organization or system, either because they are required to do so, or because they understand the importance of security. The book is also useful for specialists to use as a design guide, to compare systems, and to teach about systems. In particular, we address the following audiences:
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At the enterprise level, everyone who is or should be interested in enterprise security, such as enterprise planners, enterprise architects, strategists, and policy makers, as well as business process engineers and business process re-engineering specialists. The main issue for these groups is to understand how to define basic enterprise security needs and constraints. Security patterns for this target group are presented in 6, Enterprise Security and Risk Management. We also recommend that they look at the patterns that are described in s 7 to 13, to understand how enterprise security plans are reflected or satisfied in enterprise operations. At the IT system level, system architects, software designers and developers, project managers, product vendors, service suppliers and others interested in system security. These groups have to understand how to design basic system security functions and incorporate them into system architectures and designs, and how to select among alternative security solutions. We have compiled a set of corresponding security patterns in s 7 to 13. At this level it is also important to understand the enterprise security constraints described in 6, Enterprise Security and Risk Management, and how they affect system security requirements. At an operational level, operations managers, operations staff, and other people interested in operations security. Their interest is to understand how to define and adopt basic security practices in enterprise and system operations. Relevant security patterns are discussed in 7, Identification and Authentication (I&A), 10, Operating System Access Control, 11, Accounting, 12, Firewall Architectures, and 13, Secure Internet Applications.
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It is clear that all these levels interact, and a complete understanding of security requires some degree of understanding of all of them.
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xviii About this Book There are further groups who may find the book useful, and can read any chapters of interest:
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Security specialists will be interested in comparing our security taxonomy with others. They may also want to see how familiar security solutions are represented in the form of patterns. They can also use or reference the patterns to reduce the number of times they have to repeat the same answers to the same security questions. Researchers, teachers, and students can use the book to understand current best practice in security. They may also find potential areas for extensions to our approach. For example, they could examine the security taxonomy to find areas not covered by current patterns. Advantages of security patterns for this target group could include their use in the design of new systems, understanding of complex systems, comparison of systems, and for teaching purposes: security patterns are used in university security courses, for example. Security auditors can improve their understanding using this new representation of best security practice. The collection of patterns also include forces and liabilities to watch for: in the Patterns community, we use the term forces to describe goals and constraints that reveal the intricacies of a problem and define the kinds of trade-offs that must be considered in the presence of the tension or dissonance they create. Government acquisition or procurement specialists might get help in understanding a new representation of best security practice that can be included in an acquisition document such as a Request for Proposal or Statement of Work.
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