Supplementary Concepts in .NET

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Supplementary Concepts
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We have also identified the following liabilities:
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Like all other security approaches, security principles are not a silver bullet. Apart from the right security principle, you still need practical experience, expertise, and hard labor to realize a solid solution. A security principle is an ingredient to success, not a guarantee of success. Because not all security principles are documented in full detail and related to lower-level security principles, for the time being creativity and expert information is needed to implement security principles at the working level.
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Selecting Principles Based on Opposites
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We start with a simple approach for selecting principles to improve the corporate security level. 1. Go through the principles and mark all of them that are used by the organization you re dealing with. 2. Walk through the tables for mindset principles and execution principles in the paragraphs that follow to see if you can find principles identified in step step 1 that are actually bad practices. Note that we could not identify any bad architecture principles, so only the architecture principles themselves are listed. 3. For all bad practices, consider selecting the opposite principle. 4. Prioritize selected principles and plan to implement them. 5. Obtain senior management commitment to execute the plan accordingly. Note that it does not make sense to select and implement all the principles listed in the table during the first implementation. It is much better to start with the three most important mindset principles and the two most important execution principles. Note that changing people s mindset takes time. The simpler the message, the greater the chance of success.
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Mindset Principles
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We identified twenty-seven different mindset principles, listed in terms of best practices and bad practices. Although we know that the world is not simply black or white, we deliberately choose to present the principles as either good or bad to position them as clearly as possible. You can probably think of specific situations where good practices turned out bad, or where bad practices turned out to be good after all.
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Architecture Principles
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We identified ten architecture principles, but did not find any bad practices. We are still wondering why it is easy to identify bad practices for mindset and execution
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Table 15.1
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Security Principles and Security Patterns 507
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Mindset principles
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GOOD PRACTICE Security as a business issue Need to protect Need to know
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BAD PRACTICE Security as a technical issue Uncontrolled access
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Risk unawareness, risk avoidance Point solutions Violate the law Safety unawareness Security by obscurity Make it complex Trust your security Trust your vendor Fortress mentality Trust your employees
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Manage risk End-to-end security, entity-to-entity security Obey the law Safety before security Keep it open Keep it simple Fail securely Security goals before means Time-based security Trust nobody
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Table 15.2 Architecture principles
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GOOD PRACTICE Security guard Perimeter defence Divide and conquer The network as a battleground Peace or war Immune system Layered security Defence in depth Watch the watchers Enlist the users
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Supplementary Concepts
principles, but not for architecture principles. Perhaps architecture principles have already been through an implicit selection process before they are described and published.
Execution Principles
We identified fourteen execution principles, listed in terms of good and bad practices:
Table 15.3 Execution principles
BAD PRACTICE Security at any price Security as a desert Ignore security patches Wait for the auditor Top-down approach only Paralysis by analysis Ignore security incidents GOOD PRACTICE Return on investment Security in every change Proactive maintenance of security Mature through time Issue-driven Just do it together Respond on security incidents
Selecting Principles Based on Maturity Levels
A more advanced approach is to introduce categories of principles that can be applied as a group based on the maturity level of the organization. We identified the following maturity levels:
IT-centric but ad-hoc IT centric and in control Business-aligned and in control Ecosystem-integrated and agile
The most practical approach here is to have a workshop with senior management to determine the level they want to implement within three years. The roadmap to the intended level is very important: if senior management wants to make more steps in the coming three years, make sure that you plan the arrival of the intermediate maturity levels as well.