Security Foundations in .NET

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Security Foundations
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Note that there is no predefined sequence for using these approaches. For example, a violation response may activate further prevention capabilities.
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Security services are general safeguards that help achieve both enterprise and system security needs. They are divided into security services and security support services. Security services instantiate one or more approaches to controlling potential or actual violations of desired security properties. Several examples are:
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Access control services limit access to the resources of a system to authorized entities people, programs, and processes only, and for authorized actions, such as how you access information. Accounting services track events that occur, that is, they observe events and record and make available information about those events. One use is to enable actions on a system to be traced to individuals, through the use of mechanisms like auditing and logging. Boundary protection services help protect a security perimeter or boundary from unauthorized penetration through the use of automated mechanisms such as firewalls, guards, and intrusion detection systems, or physical mechanisms such as walls, human guards, or even deterrents such as No Trespassing signs. Non-repudiation capability or services provide protection against false denial of involvement in a communication. System recovery services provide the ability to restore a system s computational capability and data files after a system failure.
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Some security services support others rather than directly supporting the approaches. For example, an Identification and authentication service enables the recognition of an entity and validates the identity of the entity, but also supports other services including access control and accounting. Security support services address the underlying infrastructure that supports security services. For example:
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Registration support services capture the information necessary to support the identification and authorization service. Authorization support services grant access rights to an entity, while this information supports the access control service. System security policy support services define a set of laws, rules, and practices that establish how a system manages, protects, and distributes sensitive information.
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The security literature sometimes defines security services to include all levels of safeguards. In this taxonomy, we distinguish between higher-level or more general
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Security Taxonomy
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safeguards, which we call services, and lower-level or more specific safeguards, which we call mechanisms. One reason is that in many cases, the higher-level services can be implemented by multiple mechanisms, as discussed in the next section.
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Security services are dependent on the physical, procedural, or automated mechanisms available to implement those services. Mechanisms are dependent in turn on commercial products and other tools that implement those mechanisms. The terms in the Mechanisms and Implementations section of the taxonomy are not in a one-to-one relationship with the terms in the Services section. One mechanism may support multiple services, and some services may need support from multiple mechanisms. Therefore all the required services must be taken into account when considering mechanisms and implementations. A broad assortment of security mechanisms is available to implement the various security and security support services. Four groupings are provided in our taxonomy to attempt to gain a better perspective on the mechanisms: management support mechanisms, automated mechanisms, physical mechanisms, and procedural mechanisms. In an architecture, selections from all four groups of mechanisms are likely to be integrated to support one or more services. Management support mechanisms are mechanisms that control the other groups of mechanisms. Several examples are:
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Information system security policies address specific characteristics of information systems. They expand and particularize for specific mechanisms the requirements captured in higher-level policies. They will usually establish the kinds of controls that are needed. Security training may be provided at many levels, including security officers, maintenance staff, and end users. Configuration management mechanisms play an important role in ensuring that enterprise systems are configured correctly to establish and maintain a secure state. Disaster recovery mechanisms establish the ability for an enterprise to restore/ replace information, information systems, and other systems and continue to operate in the face of natural or other disasters such as fire, flood, power failure, loss of key personnel, or massive data corruption. Connection service agreements, sometimes called interface agreements, delineate the requirements for both sides of automated connections and define assumptions, expectations, and exclusions.2
Connection service agreements are well-covered in the IBM e-business patterns [IBM].
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