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13.5 Protection Reverse Proxy 457
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Protection Reverse Proxy
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Putting a Web server or an application server directly on the Internet gives attackers direct access to any vulnerabilities of the underlying platform (application, Web server, libraries, operating system). However, to provide a useful service to Internet users, access to your server is required. A packet filter firewall shields your server from attacks at the network level. In addition, a PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457) protects the server software at the level of the application protocol.
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You are running your Web site using a major software vendor s Web server software. Your Web site uses this vendor s proprietary extensions to implement dynamic content for your visitors, and you have invested heavily in your Web site s software. Your server is protected by a PACKET FILTER FIREWALL (405).
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Internet Internet
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Browser potentially malicicous
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Firewall port80 allrequests potentially dangerous Web Server
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Protection using a PACKET FILTER FIREWALL (405)
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You must open this firewall to allow access to the public port (80) of your Web server. Attacks from the Internet that exploit vulnerabilities of your server software frequently burden your system administrator with patch installation. Switching to another vendor s Web server is not possible, because of the existing investment in the Web server platform, its content and your own software extensions. In addition, with
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Secure Internet Applications
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every new patch you install, you run the risk of destabilizing your configuration so that your system and software extensions cease to work. How can you escape the dilemma and keeping your Web site up without compromising its security
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Any kind of service accessible through the Internet or a through another potentiallyhostile network environment. Usually the access protocol is HTTP or HTTPS.
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Even if you install a simple PACKET FILTER FIREWALL (405) your Web server can remain vulnerable to attacks that exploit weaknesses in its protocol implementation. How can you protect your Web server infrastructure in the light of its potential vulnerability to attacks using its protocol The solution to this problem must resolve the following forces:
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A simple packet filter firewall is not enough to protect your Web server, because access to its protocol (for example port 80) must be provided to the Internet. Attack scenarios often employ extra long or extra crafted request parameters to exploit buffer overflows. Most firewalls work at the network packet level and cannot detect attacks using such invalid requests. Hardening your Web server might be beyond your capabilities, for example because it comes as a black box from your vendor, or because it is too complex. Installing patches to your Web server platform helps avoid exploitation of known vulnerabilities. But with each patch, you risk your system extensions ceasing to work. You need to re-run your integration tests at each patch level, and might need to keep your extensions up to date with each patch level. It might even be impossible to upgrade your Web server in a timely manner because the extensions aren t ready. Switching to another Web server software by a different source is also potentially expensive, risky and time consuming. A new Web server might have fewer vulnerabilities, but you are less familiar with it. In addition it might also require you to adapt your own system extensions. You cannot know about vulnerabilities that might be detected in the future.
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Change your network topology to use a PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457) that shields your real Web server. Configure this reverse proxy to filter all requests, so that only (mostly) harmless requests will reach the real Web server. Two PACKET FILTER FIREWALLs (405) ensure that no external network traffic reaches the real Web server.
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13.5 Protection Reverse Proxy 459 The resulting network topology provides a DEMILITARIZED ZONE (449) containing only the reverse proxy machine, and a secured server zone containing the Web server.