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B2B: business-to-business, B2C: business-to-customer.
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Secure Internet Applications
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The Internet application uses SSL between browser and Web server to create a SECURE CHANNEL. Such channels are used to protect application data in transmission in different scenarios:
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Passing payment information between client and server Viewing of order status by customers Logging in by customers Changing of details by customers
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For a high-availability system, load balancing content switches would be used to process SSL so that the SSL session is between the client browser and the load balancer (as opposed to between the client and the server). Although a VPN using IPSec would provide peer-to-peer security between the Web and application servers, this would be an unnecessary overhead for most applications given the sensitivity of the information passed back and forth.
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Asynchronous Secure Channel. So far this pattern has discussed synchronous secure channels between clients and Web servers. However, there are other ways to implement secure channels. One option is to use an asynchronous messaging system and to encrypt the contents of the messages. Asynchronous operation gives us better performance and availability characteristics, at the expense of the additional processing that is required to correlate messages and to recover from failure. In terms of Internet technology, we can use MIME-encoded e-mail messages with encrypted payloads as a secure, asynchronous channel. Alternatively, we can use encrypted XML/SOAP messages, as defined in the WS-Security specification [OASIS]. These messages can be delivered synchronously (HTTP), pseudo-asynchronously (one-way HTTP message), or asynchronously (e-mail). While the use of asynchronous messaging is generally useful, you may well need to write more custom code to support this unless you find some good products to help you out.
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Known Uses
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SECURE CHANNELS (434) is implemented in all mainstream Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox) and Web servers (IIS, Apache) through the provision of SSL functionality. Support for SSL is also included in development platforms such as .NET and J2EE. There are other, less commonly-used variations on SECURE CHANNELS (434), such as IPSec, TLS and various VPN protocols.
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Secure Channels 441
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The following benefits may be expected from applying this pattern:
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Security is improved, because even in the event of an attack that captures data in transit, the data is not usable by the attacker. Common implementations of SECURE CHANNELS (434) are built into most Internet software. Key exchange allows previously-unknown partners to conduct confidential conversations. The mechanism does not impact the exchange of non-sensitive data, because it is only used when sensitive data is to be exchanged.
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The following potential liabilities may arise from applying this pattern: Crystal code 39 extended encoding for
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Performance is impacted by the processing overhead associated with the encryption mechanism. Scalability is potentially impacted if the encryption mechanism causes serveraffinity, which would undermine effective load balancing. Availability is potentially impacted if the encryption mechanism causes serveraffinity, which would undermine effective fail-over. Cost is increased and maintenance overhead is added, because you must obtain and maintain one or more server certificates for your SECURE CHANNELS (434). Also, you may need to increase the hardware specification of your Web servers or buy dedicated encryption hardware to mitigate the associated performance overhead.
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Secure Internet Applications
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Known Partners
An organization conducting e-commerce, offering services, or publishing information using Web technologies must make their service easily accessible to their users. However, if these interactions are commercially sensitive or of a high value, we want to ensure that the users with whom we are interacting are who we think they are, and the users themselves want to be sure that our system is what they think it is. By introducing a system of KNOWN PARTNERS (442), identified uniquely in a way that can be authenticated, we can be sure of who is interacting with our system. We can also prove to users that we are who they think we are.