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CHECK POINT (287) typically relies on SECURITY SESSION (297) to provide sign-on functionality for users. If a check point protects multiple systems and those share a single user session, it can provide effective single sign-on for users. The session object plays the role of an ENCAPSULATED CONTEXT [Kell03] holding several parameters related to the user and their access rights. It is passed through the system as a single parameter, and components of the system can access the encapsulated data via the session object. The ENCAPSULATED CONTEXT avoids wide parameter lists for methods, and ripple effects on changing interfaces when additional user or session-related data is needed. INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) and FRONT DOOR (473) rely on SECURITY SESSION (297) to keep track of Web users. They implement it via cookies, SSL session ids, or by encoding the session identifier into URLs.
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Full Access with Errors 305
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9.5 Full Access with Errors
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Designing the user interface for a system in which different users are granted different access rights can be challenging. At one end of the spectrum is the approach taken by this pattern, which provides a view of the maximum functionality of the system, but issues the user with an error when they attempt to use a function for which they are not authorized.
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Full Access with Exceptions, Full View with Errors, Reveal All and Handle Exceptions, Notified View
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Consider you are developing an Internet site. The site should present your company on the World-Wide Web as well as provide downloads for brochures, user manuals, and demo software. However, to be able to track who downloaded such material, Internet surfers are required to provide their name and address before they can start a download. However, to avoid irritating returning users, they are granted privileges by the site via a cookie, and thus do not need to register again. See figure on page 306. For example Yahoo! groups show a group s features to anonymous users, without letting them access the members only menu. Once logged in and registered as a member of a group, the members only menu is accessible. How do you design the Web site so that it shows the possibility of downloads while still restricting access to registered users v
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You are designing the interface of a system in which access restrictions such as user authorization to parts of the interface apply. While most of the applications of this pattern are within the domain of graphical user interfaces (GUI), it can also apply to other interface types as well.
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When designing the user interface for a system with partial access restrictions, you face the challenge of whether to present functionality that a user might not be able to access within their current role or set of access rights, and how to do so. To complicate
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306 9
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System Access Control Architecture
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the issue, you might not know in advance what possible combinations of access rights will be used. This problem generalizes to any interface you design whenever there are multiple modes of use, such as different access rights. How do you present available functionality that might be partially inaccessible The solution to this problem must resolve the following forces:
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Users should not be able to view data or perform operations for which they have no permissions. Hiding an available and accessible function is inappropriate, because users must be able to see what they can do. The visual appeal and usability of a graphical user interface (GUI) can be degraded by varying layouts depending on the (current) access rights of a user. For example, blank space might appear for some users where others see options they can access, or sequence and number of menu items might differ, depending on the current user s rights, and thus blind operation of the menu by an experienced user is no longer possible. Showing currently unavailable functions can tease users to into upgrading their access rights, for example by paying for the access or buying a license after using a demo version. Trial and error are ineffective means of learning which functions are accessible. Invoking an operation only to learn that it doesn t work with your access rights is confusing.
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