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So let s say that we ve made the nal touches on our new InfoPath form template by adding some JScript code using MSE We re all ready to roll the form template out to our team It s time to publish our form template Publishing is a short process to deploy the form template to a location accessible by users A few steps through a wizard is all it takes to properly put your template on a network le share, SharePoint site, Web server, or other shared location We ve exhausted our brief talk of the InfoPath design mode for now Let s peek at some of the important features you can nd while lling out a form As mentioned earlier, the UI is instantly familiar You can expect the standard Microsoft Of ce set of features, such as cut, copy, and paste; a dizzying array of font formatting options; spell checking; nd and replace; and clip art (to name a few) What s so special about InfoPath It sounds a lot like Word in many ways However, InfoPath has two key advantages: An InfoPath form uses XML data, and InfoPath offers data validation, which is not found in Word If you are an application developer, you will appreciate the tight integration between XML data type validation and the InfoPath UI You can think of data validation as a way to guide your users to format their input as you determine For example, if you want a phone number, you could easily use a text box that accepts any text the user types But with data validation, you can disallow a phone number if it s not ten digits or has non-numeric characters InfoPath s validation model is also extensible by using the InfoPath OM and writing custom form code A popular way to make your form template more interactive is to use conditional formatting Take an expense report form that adds up prices from a list of items purchased during a business trip You can design the form template so that if the sum of expenses is more than $1,000, the text for the total value will change from a calm black to an attention-getting bold red Conditional formatting can be used throughout your form template to not only change fonts but to show and hide regions of your form as well It s great to have your users happily lling out your forms But how do you make sense of the data saved in XML les InfoPath has convenient, built-in reporting features to bring together data for you and your users The rst of these reporting functions is form merge When a user selects
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1: Introduction to InfoPath 2007
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multiple saved forms, InfoPath aggregates the data from each saved form into a single new one A common use for this feature is rolling up status reports for the boss InfoPath also exposes custom form merging for advanced developers by allowing them to write their own custom XSLT InfoPath 2007 greatly improves this customization experience by supporting custom merge actions in design mode We will discuss this in more detail in 12 Another way to report InfoPath form data is to export it to Excel Sometimes InfoPath may not be the best environment to do complex spreadsheet functions like pivot tables Exporting the data to Excel is a simple click away, and you can customize the process by exporting speci c parts of the data Once data is exported to Excel, you can create pivot tables and charts to help you analyze the data Since InfoPath is a powerful data-gathering tool, reporting options such as form merging and export to Excel help round out the story for bringing data together in a useful way We will talk more about exporting form data to Excel in 12 as well
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