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Global Scales
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Gender differences on the WAIS-III at ages 20 89 years were examined by Heaton, Manly, Taylor, and Tulsky (2001) by computing age-corrected and education-corrected z scores on each WAIS-III IQ, index, and scaled score in a sample of 2,250
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individuals collected during WAIS-III standardization (2,028 standardization cases plus 222 cases from an education oversampling ). Males scored higher by about 5 points on V-IQ, 1 2 point on P-IQ, and 3 points on FS-IQ. On the indexes, men outscored the women by about 31 2 points on both the VCI and WMI and about 21 2 points on the POI; in contrast, women surpassed men by about 51 2 points on the PSI. All of these differences correspond to relatively small effect sizes, all below 0.4 SD; the largest difference observed was the female superiority of 0.37 SD on PSI, which is a direct function of their better performance on both PSI subtests, as discussed in the next section. The small differences in favor of males on the WAIS-III IQs resemble WAIS-R data obtained for the total standardization sample of 1,880 adults, ages 16 74 years (Reynolds et al., 1987), and for a sample of 230 above-average, middleto upper-middle class adults ages 16 71 (mean age = 35 years; mean FS-IQ = 110) tested by Arcenaux, Cheramie, and Smith (1996). Within the standardization sample, males scored higher than females by 2.2 points on V-IQ and FS-IQ and 1.4 points on P-IQ (Reynolds et al., 1987). For the above-average adult sample, males again outTABLE 4.1
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scored females by a few points, namely 3 to 31 2 points on the three IQ scales (Arcenaux et al., 1996). The small gender differences also characterized the 1955 WAIS standardization sample, with males scoring higher by about 1 IQ point on the Verbal and Full Scales, with no IQ difference evident on the Performance Scale (Kaufman, 1990; Matarazzo, 1972). Another WAIS study of normal adults (264 male and 257 female adoptive parents, mean age = 39 years, mean FS-IQ = 113.5) produced similar results: Males earned a higher FS-IQ by 2.6 points (Turner & Willerman, 1977). Non-Wechsler tests have likewise yielded very small gender differences on their global scales for adult samples. At ages 17 94 years on the KAIT (Kaufman & Kaufman, 1993), less than 1 IQ point separated the education-adjusted IQs earned by 716 men and 784 women on the Fluid and Crystallized Scales (Kaufman & Horn, 1996), as shown in Table 4.1. Also, at ages 12 23 on the Stanford-Binet IV (Thorndike et al., 1986b, Table 4.5), the standard-score differences between 800 males and 926 females was 1 point or less for the Composite and for three of the four area scores (females scored 2.2 points higher on Shortterm Memory).
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Mean differences between males and females on the KAIT Fluid IQ, Crystallized IQ, and selected subtests at ages 17 to 94 years, adjusted for educational attainment (N = 1,500) KAIT IQ or Subtest Males N = 716 100.4 99.8 10.5 10.6 10.1 10.2 10.5 Females N = 784 99.6 100.1 9.3 9.9 9.5 9.8 10.1 Mean Difference +0.8 0.3 +1.2 +0.7 +0.6 +0.4 +0.4 Difference in SD units +0.05 0.02 +0.40 +0.23 +0.20 +0.13 +0.13
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Fluid IQ Crystallized IQ Memory for Block Designs (Fluid subtest) Famous Faces (Crystallized subtest) Logical Steps (Fluid subtest) Mystery Codes (Fluid subtest) Auditory Comprehension (Crystallized subtest)
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NOTE: Mean difference = mean for males minus mean for females. These data are from Kaufman and Horn (1996), who computed means and SDs based on a special set of all-adult norms for ages 17 94 years, and adjusted these means for edu-
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cational attainment in analyses of covariance. Data for Famous Faces and Auditory Comprehension are based on 767 women and 705 men.
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