Dafne M. s WAIS-III Profile in .NET

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TABLE 13.12
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Dafne M. s WAIS-III Profile
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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Third Edition (WAIS-III) Scale Verbal Scale Performance Scale Full Scale Factor Verbal Comprehension Perceptual Organization Working Memory Processing Speed Subtest Scaled Scores Subtest Vocabulary Similarities Arithmetic Digit Span Information Comprehension Letter-Number Sequencing Scaled Percentile Score Rank Subtest (W) 7 (S) 13 ((S)10 (S) 15 (W) 6 W) 9 W) 9 16 84 50 95 9 37 Picture Completion Digit Symbol-Coding Block Design Matrix Reasoning Picture Arrangement Symbol Search Object Assembly Scaled Percentile Score Rank (S) 14 9 37 (S) 15 11 37 16 91 37 37 95 63 37 16 IQ 99 110 104 Index 93 116 108 93 89 98 109 121 102 113 86 101 32 86 70 32 90% Confidence Interval 95 103 104 115 100 107 Percentile Rank 47 75 61
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NOTE: (W) = relative weakness compared to her overall subtest mean scaled score; (S) = relative strength compared to her overall subtest mean scaled score.
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WAIS-III Verbal subtests. In that profile, we have support for a relatively weak fund of acquired knowledge, with her relatively weak performance on Vocabulary (16th percentile) and Information (9th percentile). Thus, although at first glance at the KAIT shared abilities table, Dafne s relative weakness on the Definitions subtest did not seem to be readily explained, when we delved into the KAIT subtests on a deeper level (e.g., Double Meanings joint Fluid Crystallized loadings) in combination with the
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WAIS-III profile, we uncovered a plausible explanation for her profile scores.
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Alternative KAIT Subtest Groupings
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At times a search for shared abilities or influences within the KAIT profile is fruitless, so examiners may want to regroup the subtests according to other theories or aspects of the test. Thus, examiners can explore the individual s performance
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based on the psycholinguistic aspects of the test. Table 13.13 provides a list of the psycholinguistic aspects of each KAIT subtest.
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KAIT Memory Comparisons
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In further generating hypotheses about an individual s performance, the examiner may find it useful to look at an individual s performance on memory tasks. If an individual has evidenced possible memory problems either during the testing or perhaps as part of a presenting problem, more in-depth memory analysis may be warranted. Examiners can make comparisons between an individual s ability to remember information immediately after its presentation versus the ability to remember the material after a mod-
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erate period of time has passed (typically 25 to 45 minutes). Thus, significant differences in immediate versus delayed recall of information can be examined by comparing the individual s performance on Rebus Learning versus Rebus Delayed Recall and Auditory Comprehension versus Auditory Delayed Recall. However, to make comparisons between the immediate and delayed recall memory performance, the Expanded Battery must be administered. If only the Core Battery is administered or the delayed recall tasks are omitted for some reason, this step cannot be completed. To calculate the differences between the immediate and delayed recall subtests, look at the Memory Comparisons section on the bottom of the backside of the Individual Record Form.
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TABLE 13.13 Psycholinguistic aspects of KAIT subtests
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Vocal/Auditory Rebus Learning Input Logical Steps Auditory Comprehension Double Meanings Famous Faces Visual Rebus Learning Logical Steps Mystery Codes Double Meanings Memory for Block Designs Famous Faces Integration Logical Steps Mystery Codes Double Meanings Rebus Learning Auditory Comprehension Famous Faces Rebus Learning Output Logical Steps Auditory Comprehension Mystery Codes (easel items) Double Meanings Famous Faces Rebus Learning Memory for Block Designs Famous Faces Mystery Codes (booklet items) Memory for Block Designs Motor
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Calculate the difference between the scores (Rebus Learning from Rebus Delayed Recall and Auditory Comprehension from Auditory Delayed Recall). To determine if the difference score is statistically significant, refer to the table in the bottom right corner of the Record Form. If the difference is statistically significant (and, therefore, not due to chance), check the .05 box, but if the difference is not statistically significant, check the NS box (not significant). Figure 13.3 shows Dafne M. s Memory Comparisons. To accurately interpret the memory scores, determine both the direction of the difference (whether the person does better in recalling information immediately after its presentation or in recalling information after a period of delay) as well as the type of material (auditory or visual) a person retains or forgets. This information, along with background information and behavioral observations, can be used in the process of differential diagnosis and making recommendations for remediation.
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Alzheimer s-type Dementia, (3) assessment of clinical depression and pseudodementia, (4) personality and interests as they pertain to career decisions, and (5) construct validity of the KAIT for African Americans and Hispanics.
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