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throughout the evaluation. Extreme concentration was evident from her intense facial expressions. Her tension was noticed in her tight grip on the pencil during written tasks and her habit of holding her hand up to her mouth but not engaging in nail-biting behavior. During a task in which she was required to copy a design of a figure with blocks, she burst out in laughter during one of the constructions because she thought it was so mind-boggling. Though this distracted her from performing well on this particular item, she quickly regained her composure and proceeded to work diligently through the rest of the items. Certain problem-solving tactics were evident during Lauren s evaluation. She used verbal mediation to talk out the answers to certain tasks. She demonstrated a planning approach in several tasks, and therefore was not impulsive in her responses. She frequently checked her answers on tasks that were more difficult and ambiguous to her. Comments were made about certain subtests such as, Oh, this is awful, but she still appeared motivated and challenged by the tasks she had stated that she disliked. In fact, Lauren demonstrated a keen interest in performing well on all the subtests. She seemed to be very excited and proud of herself when she knew that she got a difficult question correct, but she also appeared a little discouraged and embarrassed by her failures on certain items. Self-disparaging comments were made such as Oh, I should have known that one. However, these failures did not seem to affect her performance or motivation on successive tasks. On the basis of Lauren s above behaviors, the results of this assessment are considered a valid indication of her current level of cognitive and academic functioning. Tests Administered (test scores are listed in Table 12.9) Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test (K-FAST) Kinetic Family Drawing Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Third Edition (WAIS-III) Woodcock-Johnson Third Edition (WJ III): Tests of Achievement-Selected Subtests Test Results and Interpretation Lauren was administered the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Third Edition (WAIS-III), which is an individually administered test of a person s intellectual ability and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The WAIS-III is comprised of fourteen separate subtests and measures both verbal skills and specific performance abilities including constructing designs with blocks and arranging pictures to tell a story. On the WAIS-III, Lauren earned a Verbal IQ (VIQ) score of 114. This score has a 90% chance of falling in the range of 109 and 118. She earned a Performance IQ (PIQ) score of 100, with a 90% likelihood that her true performance score lies between 94 and 106. Lauren earned a Full-Scale IQ (FS-IQ) of 108, and there is a 90% likelihood that her true Full-Scale IQ lies between the scores of 104 and 111. These scores place her in the Average ability range and the 70th percentile for an individual her age. However, because there was a significant variability between the indexes that comprise her Full-Scale IQ and Performance IQ, both the FS-IQ and P-IQ are rendered meaningless and cannot be interpreted as meaningful representations of Lauren s overall performance. An examination of the components of the test is required. The Verbal scale of the WAIS-III is made up of two indexes, termed the Verbal Comprehension (VC) Index and the Working Memory (WM) Index. The one-point difference in scaled scores for these indexes (VCI = 112 and WMI = 111), indicates that Lauren performs about equally well on all verbal tasks, regardless of whether they depend on acquired knowledge and verbal expression or the use of working memory to perform operations with numbers.
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TABLE 12.9 Psychometric summary of Lauren J. s test scores
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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Third Edition (WAIS-III) Scale Verbal Scale Performance Scale Full Scale Factor Verbal Comprehension Perceptual Organization Working Memory Processing Speed IQ 114 100 108 Index 112 105 111 86 Scaled Score 14 S 11-S 14 S 11-S 12-S 12-S 11-S Percentile Rank 91 63 91 63 75 75 63 90% Confidence Interval 109 118 94 106 104 111 90% Confidence Interval 107 116 99 111 105 116 80 950 Scaled Score 11-W 08 W 10-W 12-W 10-W 07 W 15-S Percentile Rank 82 50 70 Percentile Rank 79 63 77 18 Percentile Rank 63 25 50 75 50 16 95
Subtest Vocabulary Similarities Arithmetic Digit Span Information Comprehension Letter-Number Sequencing
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Subtest Picture Completion Digit Symbol-Coding Block Design Matrix Reasoning Picture Arrangement Symbol Search Object Assembly
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Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test (K-FAST) Scale Reading Arithmetic Composite Standard Score 110 117 112 90% Confidence Interval 104 116 109 124 106 118 Percentile Rank 75 87 79
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Selected Subtests from the Woodcock-Johnson Third Edition (WJ III): Tests of Achievement Scale Mathematics Applied Problems Calculation Reading Reading Fluency Passage Comprehension Written Language Spelling Standard Score 107 94 103 106 99 90% Confidence Interval 101 113 90 98 98 108 100 112 93 105 Percentile Rank 68 34 58 66 47
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