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Examination of the V-IQ, P-IQ, VCI, and POI in Steps 4 and 5 helped to determine if they were unitary dimensions, and, in a similar vein, the smallest factors also need to be checked for abnormal scatter. The lowest scaled score of the three Working Memory Index subtests should be subtracted from the highest scaled score on this Index to obtain the range of scores. If the scatter
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Steps 1 through 6 complete the empirical examination of the IQs and indexes. After examining the information gleaned from the first six steps we know which scores should, or perhaps should not, be interpreted. As you examine the results of
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TABLE 11.10
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Summary of Step 5 Impact on VCI and POI How to Proceed
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STEP 5 Outcome If there is not an abnormal amount of scatter among either the VCI or POI subtests (i.e., the answers to STEP 5 questions A & B are both NO) If there is an abnormal amount of scatter among either the VCI or POI subtests (i.e., the answer to either STEP 5 question A or B is YES)
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then VCI versus POI discrepancy is interpretable
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Explain the meaningful difference between VCI & POI.
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then the VCI versus POI discrepancy should probably not be interpreted
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Do not interpret VCI versus POI difference.
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Reader s Question: The students with whom I work like the linearity of your steps, but seem to get sidetracked and confused by some of the Decision Boxes throughout the Steps that suggest that they skip steps here and there. Is it really important to skip steps if the worksheet s decisions boxes say to do so
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Our Response: We recommend that you take from our system what is helpful, and modify it with what you find most clinically beneficial. To new examiners, the interpretive process can be confusing at times (as your students have expressed to you). In our Steps, we attempted to simplify the process as much as possible, but there are some aspects that must remain complex. Following the cookbook approach is a good start to interpretation, but students/clinicians must also integrate their conceptual and theoretical understanding of the instrument to create an in-depth understanding of the peaks and valleys in a profile. When we are instructing students who are newly learning the WAIS-III and how to interpret it, we suggest that they go through each of the interpretive Steps one-by-one, rather than skipping any. Completing these Steps in a linear fashion initially will help to develop a more in-depth understanding of how the instrument functions, and how to best describe the results to clients. As students become more familiar with the interpretation of the instrument, then they may find it more useful to skip steps as suggested in our Decision Boxes.
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Reader s question regarding Decision Boxes prior to Step 6
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the first six Steps, it is useful to conceptualize the structure of the WAIS-III as a hierarchy in which the bottom tiers impact the tiers above (see Figure 11.5 for a pictorial description of the tiers of the WAIS-III). For example, moving through the first six steps, you may find that variability in the lowest level of the WAIS-III tiered structure (the subtests) has rippling effects all the way to the interpretability of the Full Scale IQ (top tier). Figure 11.6 depicts how variability at the lowest TABLE 11.11
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Type of Scatter Working Memory Processing Speed
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level can impact the interpretability or meaningfulness of the levels above. Figure 11.6 shows an abnormal amount of variability among the Perceptual Organization subtests, which means that the POI is not a meaningful construct to interpret. Therefore neither the POI versus PSI comparison nor POI VCI comparison can be meaningfully interpreted. This POI subtest scatter also impacts the interpretation of the P-IQ and, ultimately, the Full Scale IQ.
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Range of subtest scaled scores considered abnormal in WMI and PSI Calculation of Range High scaled score minus low scaled score of 3 Working Memory Index Subtests High Scaled Score minus low scaled score of 2 Processing Speed Index subtests Abnormal Scatter 6 or more 4 or more Not Abnormal 0 5 0 3