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then V-IQ versus P-IQ discrepancy is interpretable
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Explain the meaningful difference between V-IQ & P-IQ. Then you may skip to STEP 6, if you choose. Examine VCI versus POI discrepancy in STEP 5.
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then the V-IQ versus P-IQ difference should probably not be interpreted
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Reader s Question: The Record Form for the WAIS-III has a section for comparing all possible combinations of the four indexes, yet the WAIS-II technical manual at this point recommends only comparisons between VCI and WMI, and between POI and PSI. I was wondering whether you have considered an approach looking at the mean of the four indexes, and then comparing each of the indexes to this mean to look for statistically significant index strengths or weaknesses. It seems as though this kind of approach, examining all possible index strengths and weaknesses, would be useful for both diagnostic and treatment planning purposes.
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Our Response: We were attempting to provide the most streamlined interpretive process that would provide the user with many useful hypotheses. Going from the global scales to specific subtests and examining the hypothesized abilities that underlie strengths and weaknesses is usually quite fruitful. Certainly, you may find additional means of uncovering hypotheses, such as examining other combinations of factor indexes. However, we find the factor discrepancies that are most theoretically and empirically informative are those that we suggest. We do recommend that you take from our system what is helpful, and modify it with what you find most clinically beneficial.
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Reader s question regarding Step 6
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are possible (for the VCI, these comparisons are Information vs. Similarities, Information vs. Vocabulary, and Similarities vs. Vocabulary). We decided that abnormal scatter on the VCI and POI would correspond to the smallest scaledscore range that ensured significant discrepancies (p < .05) between at least two of the three pairwise comparisons. For the VCI, that corresponded to a range of 5 points and, for the
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POI, to a range of 6 points. The WAIS-III Interpretive Worksheet ( 12) also specifies these values. Unless the discrepancy between the VCI and POI is abnormally large (see Step 3), if abnormal scatter is found in either the VCI or POI ( yes answers to either question), then the VCI POI discrepancy should probably not be interpreted. Abnormal scatter present in either of these factors
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TABLE 11.9 Range of subtest scaled scores considered abnormal in VCI and POI
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Type of Scatter Verbal Conceptualization Calculation of Range High scaled score minus low scaled score of 3 Verbal Conceptualization Index subtests High Scaled Score minus low scaled score of 3 Perceptual Organization Index subtests Abnormal Scatter 5 or more Not Abnormal 0 4
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Perceptual Organization
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6 or more
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indicates that the Index cannot be meaningfully interpreted, as it is not a unitary factor. When neither the V P IQ discrepancy nor the VC PO Index discrepancy is interpretable, then the verbal and nonverbal constructs are not meaningful for that individual. However, if neither the VCI nor POI has abnormal scatter, then the two scales are interpretable and so is the significant discrepancy between them (see Table 11.10, which shows Step 5 from the WAIS-III Interpretive Worksheet). In either case, the next step in the interpretive process is to investigate the smallest factors on the WAIS-III (PSI and WMI). Figure 11.4 poses a reader s question regarding the Decision Boxes that appear prior to Step 6.
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is 6 or more points, then the WMI should not be interpreted as a meaningful, unitary construct. (The same method for inferring abnormal scatter in the VCI and POI was used to obtain the 6point value for WMI.) The absolute difference between the Symbol Search scaled score and Digit Symbol-Coding scaled score provides the range of scores on the Processing Speed Index. If the PSI scatter is 4 or more points (a significant discrepancy at the .05 level), then this Index does not represent a unitary construct and should not be interpreted. Table 11.11 and the WAIS-III Interpretive Worksheet in 12 review the values necessary to determine abnormal scatter on the WMI and PSI.
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