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Reader s Question: Step 3 states that if the VIQ PIQ difference is abnormally large, the examiner should explain this abnormally large difference (which makes sense to me), and then skip to Step 6 (looking at the minor WMI and PSI factors). My question is this: even if the VIQ PIQ is abnormally large, wouldn t you still want to look at Step 4 to see if the VIQ scale splits apart into the VCI and WMI factors and to see if the PIQ scale splits apart into the POI and PSI factors. It seems that you could have an abnormally large VIQ PIQ difference, but these scales might not hold together as unitary dimensions.
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Our Response: Our approach in this book was to let the reader know that the most reliable scales are always worth interpreting first and foremost, if possible. Thus, an abnormally large V P difference is critical to interpret, regardless of whether there were differences between the other factors. So, that is really the bottom line. Remember, the six-subtest WAIS-III Verbal scale is twice as long as the three-subtest VC scale, and for the nonverbal scales the ratio is 5 to 3. Therefore, on the WAIS-III much more credence is given to to the V P split than the VC PO split. So if a WAIS-III V P discrepancy is abnormally large, that finding is quite reliable and more important (to us) than the much smaller factor indexes. However, we believe that it is always reasonable to investigate hunches, both empirical and clinical, as well as fully understand how the factors look in comparison to each other. The heart of intelligent testing is to be a detective, not to be rigid, and to follow hunches. Our Steps or guidelines are just that suggestions. They are not mandates. Always do what your clinical heart believes to be best, just be sure to have a rationale and not to ignore data completely.
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Reader s question regarding Step 3
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can be interpreted. For instance, if either the VIQ or P-IQ is not measuring a unitary ability, then the V-P IQ discrepancies are not interpretable. In some instances, a clearer picture of an individual s verbal versus nonverbal skills will come from the purer Verbal Comprehension Index and Perceptual Organization Index, rather than the discrepancy between the IQ scales. Step 4 helps to determine whether the V-IQ versus PIQ discrepancy is interpretable in a clinical or practical sense. Note, however, that if Step 3 revealed an abnormally large V-IQ versus PIQ (or VCI vs. POI) discrepancy, examiners should interpret this notable verbal nonverbal difference regardless of the outcome of Step 4. In addition, as stated at the end of Step 2,
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experienced clinicians may choose to skip Step 4 (and Step 5 as well) if significant differences were not present between the V-IQ and P-IQ or the POI and PSI, unless they choose to gather more in-depth information about how the IQs and indexes are functioning. The Verbal Scale of the WAIS-III is split into a pair of Indexes: Verbal Comprehension and Working Memory. The Performance Scale is also split into 2 Indexes: Perceptual Organization and Processing Speed. The abilities measured by each of these pairs of indexes are summarized in Table 11.4. The V-IQ is not a very meaningful construct if the Verbal triad of Vocabulary Similarities Information is significantly different from the
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TABLE 11.4 Abilities measured by pairs of factor indexes
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Verbal IQ
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Verbal Comprehension Index Verbal conceptualization, knowledge, and expression. Answering oral questions that measure factual knowledge, word meanings, reasoning, and the ability to express ideas in words.
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Working Memory Index Number ability and sequential processing. Responding to oral stimuli that involve the handling of numbers and/or letters in a stepby-step, sequential fashion and require a good, nondistractible attention span for success.
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