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Spelling tests, performing about as well as one might expect from his WAIS-R IQs. The Reading test assesses word recognition as well as comprehension, but requires little verbalization; the Spelling test requires a written response. His Mathematics score of 73 (4th percentile) indicates a poor level of arithmetic concepts, reasoning, and computation skills (sixth-grade level), a finding that was underscored by his very low score on the WAIS-R Arithmetic subtest. He evidenced inadequate arithmetic performance with oral presentation (WAIS-R), with visual presentation and written response (the first half of the K-TEA), and with combined oral and visual presentation (the second half of the K-TEA). On the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales (Expanded Form), based on Mr. P. s report, Chester performed at about a 10-year-old level, demonstrating a mild deficit in his overall adaptive behavior. Despite his difficulty with WAIS-R verbal expressive tasks, Chester has a relative asset in communication, notably receptive and written; he also has all of the basic self-help skills. He reads on his own initiative, makes phone calls, and follows current events. Areas of relative deficit are in self-direction, socialization (interpersonal relationships, play and leisure time, coping skills), and expressive communication. Chester cannot make change for minor purchases nor does he go out unsupervised during the day. Most of his social activities are with the family, and he has few friends who are his peers in age and ability level. He helps around the house by cleaning his room, taking out the garbage, and assisting with the lawn chores. Diagnostic Impression Chester is a 17-year-old African American male who exhibits atypical patterns of development in terms of language and social skills. Currently his tested verbal abilities are much improved over his last evaluation; however, he still exhibits significantly poorer verbal than performance abilities. Interpretation of social situations on test materials and socialization skills in general continue to be areas of extreme difficulty for Chester. He exhibits loose associative verbalizations, which may not be predicted on the basis of his language disorder alone; however, no clear-cut mental illness appears evident to this examiner. He does display striking strengths in abstract thought, visual spatial skills, and fluid intelligence (even within the verbal sphere) and has adequate reading and spelling abilities; arithmetic skills are poor, while adaptive behavior is inconsistent. The unavailability of a clear developmental history makes a diagnosis of Autism impossible; however, Chester appears to be exhibiting an amelioration in left-hemisphere deficits, characteristic of adolescents with autism. He has distortions in the development of multiple basic psychological functions that are involved in the development of social skills and language. Recommendations Family conference with the father to discuss our recommendations for programming with Chester to include the following: 1. Socialization activities: Getting involved in organized activities such as art classes, or working with younger children as a volunteer, might be appropriate social activities. 2. Prevocational training 3. Independent living training 4. Encouragement of independent living activities by his family The above recommendations may be most effectively carried out in a milieu therapy setting, such as The Group Home run by Mrs. H., which has been discussed with Mr. P. However, if the
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P. family wishes to keep Chester at home on a full-time basis, other arrangements may be sought to provide these same programmatic needs. Examiner: Judith Ivins, Psychologist III
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Reason for Referral Robert N. was referred for a psychological evaluation by the Area Services for Work and Rehabilitation (ASWR).4 An assessment of Robert s current level of functioning is needed to update his record. There is also some question as to whether neurological abnormalities may be present. Staff at the workshop feel that Robert is not working at his potential. Background Information Robert was born in a displaced persons camp in West Germany. The pregnancy and delivery were uncomplicated. Soon after his birth, an epidemic swept through the camp, affecting all who were living there. In addition to this, Robert had an upper respiratory ailment (possibly pneumonia) during infancy. His mother describes his development as normal during his first 2 years. At age 2, he reportedly began having temper tantrums and became increasingly active and unpredictable. When Robert was 5 years old, he and his family moved from Europe to a Ukrainian neighborhood in the Midwest, making it possible for them to maintain close cultural ties. Robert has two brothers (one of whom is retarded) and a sister. Robert attended the local school for exceptional children from age 9 to 16. He was finally asked to leave the school because of unverified problems. He attended the local state school from age 17 to 24, and the Center for Developmentally Disabled (CDD) from age 25 to 33, before moving to the residential apartment facility where he currently resides. There is little information regarding his educational history; his work history is reportedly good. Robert was in a variety of vocational programs at CDD, where he received training in food and janitorial services. His work skills and attitude were described as good. Psychological evaluations conducted through the years have consistently found Robert to function in the mildly retarded range of intelligence. A psychologist at the state school also found that he has difficulty expressing his emotions and tends to express his anger in a passive aggressive manner. Robert recently began therapy at a mental health clinic, focusing on increasing his ability to express emotion appropriately, as well as on social skills and assertiveness training. Ms. K., his therapist, feels that he is depressed. Robert has a history of seizurelike activity and a chronic gastrointestinal disorder. His current medications are Tagamet, Gaviscon, and Colace. He lives in a workshop setting. No significant disturbances are currently being reported, but staff at the workshop feel that he is not working at a level consistent with his potential. Robert is described as withdrawn and as being somewhat of a loner. His father is deceased, and Robert has limited contact with family members. He reports that one of his brothers recently had a heart attack but is recovering nicely. This report could not be verified by Mr. R., on-site coordinator of the residential apartment facility.
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4The case of Robert N. was adapted from Patti L. Harrison s chapter on Mental Retardation, Adaptive Behavior Assessment and Giftedness in the first edition of this book (Kaufman, 1990).
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