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evident from the preceding discussion, Todd et al. s psychiatric controls and the four brain-damaged groups were not distinguishable on the basis of their V P profiles. Smith s (1966a, 1966b) studies included large samples, but his data have been excluded from tables summarizing V P/localization studies (e.g., Matarazzo, 1972; Matarazzo & Herman, 1985) because he failed to present mean Verbal and Performance IQs for his brain-damaged groups, as discussed previously. Like Todd et al. s (1977) findings, and the general results of WAIS and WAIS-R studies summarized in Tables 8.2 and 8.3, Smith s data do support lowered Performance IQ for patients with brain damage to the right hemisphere. Only 18.2% of his heterogeneous sample of rightdamaged adults and 23.5% of his homogeneous group of patients with acute brain tumors had P > V IQ. Again, like the bulk of previous research, his results do not reveal a consistent P > V profile for adult patients with damage to the left hemisphere. We have included Smith s (1966b) study in Table 8.1 because we were able to estimate mean V- and P-IQs for that sample. Unfortunately, this procedure could not be followed for his larger, more heterogeneous sample of 191 adults with lateralized lesions (Smith 1966a) because he did not supply the requisite raw data.
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25 African American patients (+4.5 points) and 25 Caucasian patients (+6.3). WAIS-R and WAIS-III V P IQ Studies We compiled a set of recent data that included samples of patients with bilateral and diffuse brain damage tested on either the WAIS-R or the WAIS-III (see Table 8.4). Of the 13 WAIS-R and 2 WAIS-III bilateral/diffuse brain damage samples, 11 (73%) displayed V > P patterns ( 1 point), with 5 (33%) showing that pattern with the 6-point criterion. Of the WAIS-III studies, one displayed the V > P pattern, the other did not. Of the four samples that failed to yield low P-IQ (by at least 1 point), one was an all-female sample and two of the other three included patients with mild to moderate brain injuries. Thus, the majority of WAIS-R and WAIS-III bilateral/ diffuse brain damage samples conform to the V > P pattern that was found on the WAIS. WAIS-III Factor Index Studies Two WAIS-III V-P IQ studies are reported in Table 8.4, and a third was excluded because the authors (Martin, Donders, & Thompson, 2000) failed to report IQs for their samples. However, all three sets of authors did report a complete factor index profile for their samples, and the results are quite revealing, as shown in Table 8.5. All four of the small samples tested (Ns of 22 31) were diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI), three with mild injuries and one with moderate to severe injuries. The sample reported by The Psychological Corporation (1997) in the test manual displayed the so-called characteristic V > P IQ profile (+5.1 points), as indicated in Table 8.4. The index profile, however, provides fascinating information that renders the V > P profile meaningless. This sample of patients with mild TBI earned their highest standard score (92.1) on the Perceptual Organization index and their lowest (73.4) on the Processing Speed index, thereby revealing no deficit whatever in the ability presumed to be reflected in the Performance
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Bilateral Brain Damage
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As indicated, Todd et al. (1977) identified a V > P profile on the WAIS for patients having lesions in both cerebral hemispheres. Smith (1966a) also found V > P patterns on the Wechsler-Bellevue for 55 patients with bilateral damage; only 27.3% had P > V patterns. In fact, the nine studies cited by Matarazzo and Herman (1985, Table 2) that included patients with diffuse brain damage spanning both cerebral hemispheres produced a WAIS V > P profile by an average of 6.2 points (range = 1.8 to 13.4). Munder (1976) found WAIS V > P profiles of similar magnitude for both of her samples with diffuse brain damage,
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