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sized construct of deficient executive functioning (Barkley, 1997) may be responsible for lower scores on the five-subtest third factor, just as it might merit such an interpretation for any individual above age 75 who scores relatively low on both WMI and PSI.
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Differences in WAIS-III Factor Structure Due to Ethnicity
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Tulsky, Zhu, and Prifitera (in press) tested the stability of the WAIS-III factor structure on different ethnic groups by conducting exploratory analyses separately for groups of African Americans (N = 279), Hipanics (N = 181), and Caucasians (N = 1925) from the standardization sample. Overall, the results of the solutions with an oblique rotation across the separate ethnic groups were similar to those presented for the total sample (see Table 7.7). The main difference concerned the pattern of loadings for Arithmetic. For the African Americans, Arithmetic s loadings were split between Verbal Comprehension and Working Memory, and, for Hispanics, Arithmetic s loadings were split between Verbal Comprehension and Perceptual Organization. We calculated the coefficients of congruence between the ethnic groups, taken two at a time, and found the factors to be highly congruent (see Table 7.8). Values ranged from .90 to .99 (median .965), with the greatest congruence shown for Verbal Comprehension and Processing Speed. These results offer strong support for the construct validity of the WAIS-III for all three ethnic groups studied by Tulsky et al.
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Age Differences in the WAIS-III Factor Structure
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Based on separate factor analysis for five age groups, The Psychological Corporation (1997) recognized that the structure was quite similar for each of the four youngest groups: 16 19, 20 34, 35 54, and 55 74 years. However, the overall
structure was quite different for the oldest group. Namely, the 75- to 89-year-old sample had different subtests loading on the Processing Speed and Perceptual Organization factors than did all other age groups, and both Processing Speed subtests had secondary loadings (.37 .39) on the Working Memory factor. Regarding the nonverbal factors, many Performance subtests loaded primarily on the Processing Speed factor: Picture Completion, Block Design, Picture Arrangement, Digit Symbol-Coding, and Symbol Search. Only one subtest had a loading above .40 on the Perceptual Organization factor, Matrix Reasoning, which is an untimed test. Block Design had a secondary loading on the Perceptual Organization factor of .39, but loaded higher on Processing Speed (.51). The test publisher hypothesized that the time limits on the Performance subtests led to a heavier weighting on processing speed for the oldest age group. However, that explanation is not consistent with the results of the four-factor solution when Object Assembly is included in the analysis, alongside the 13 other WAIS-III subtests analyzed by the test publisher. Sattler and Ryan (1999, pp. 1216 1217) included Object Assembly in their four-factor solutions for each of the 13 separate standardization age groups and found that this subtest (which is not intended for ages 75 89) loaded substantially (.54 .81) on the Perceptual Organization factor for all age groups, and had only one loading above .14 on the Processing Speed factor (.26 at ages 65 69). Object Assembly places a very heavy emphasis on speed and is included with the PSI subtests in Dean s Visual-Motor Speed category (see 10), which is contrary to the publisher s contention about the effect of time limits on the elderly sample s success on nonverbal subtests. Overall, the small Perceptual Organization factor for ages 75 89 probably should not be interpreted. The most sensible conclusion is that only three factors are meaningful for elderly individuals: Verbal Comprehension, Working Memory (the five-subtest version, akin to Barkley s, 1997, executive functioning construct), and
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Verbal Comprehension Perceptual Organization A-A H W A-A .03 .26 .01 .07 .02 .01 .05 .34 .00 .20 .01 .01 .01 .03 .05 .15 .51 .67 .68 .01 .13 .11 .05 .00 .41 .32 .67 .55 .07 .14 .03 .09 .06 .09 .11 .09 .02 .06 .49 .68 .60 .15 .04 .11 .14 .39 .72 .54 .37 .31 .11 .02 .01 .05 .01 .09 .57 .52 .56 .51 .02 .06 .07 .01 .12 H W .04 .01 .07 .01 .10 .08 .22 .03 .47 .66 .63 .07 .06 Working Memory A-A .09 .11 .07 .01 .13 .12 .03 .02 .09 .00 .22 .76 .66 A-A H W .92 .74 .81 .80 .12 .03 .07 .27 .22 .02 .01 .04 .02 .80 .73 .76 .70 .17 .04 .14 .36 .25 .09 .18 .01 .00 .85 .75 .82 .77 .02 .05 .02 .22 .38 .05 .02 .05 .01
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Four-factor solutions with an oblique rotation of the WAIS-III from exploratory analyses with African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian subjects in the standardization sample Processing Speed H .08 .07 .01 .03 .10 .01 .14 .04 .10 .10 -.04 .81 .73 C .05 .03 .03 .02 .21 .07 .06 .09 .01 .04 .10 .70 .69
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the WAIS-III by D. S. Tulsky, J. Zhu, and A. Prifitera, in press. In G. Goldstein (Ed.), The handbook of psychological assessment, Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.
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