Click the File/Disk button. in .NET

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Click the File/Disk button.
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The Insert New Pictures dialog box appears.
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Navigate to the folder or drive containing the digital pictures that you want to use. Click the pictures that you want to use. To use multiple pictures, you can press and hold while clicking the pictures that you want to use.
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Click Insert.
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You can change the order of pictures using these buttons. To remove a picture, you can click it in the Pictures in the album list and then click Remove. You can use the tool buttons to change the picture orientation, contrast and brightness levels.
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Click Create.
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PowerPoint creates the slide show as a new presentation file.
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Note: The first slide in the show is a title slide, containing the title Photo Album and your user name.
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Select the Captions Below All Pictures check box in the Photo Album dialog box to add captions. Alternatively, add a text slide after each photo slide by clicking the New Text Box button.Type your captions after closing the Photo Album dialog box.
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By default, PowerPoint displays one picture per slide, but you can use the Picture Layout setting in the Photo Album dialog box to display as many as four, with or without title text.
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You can use PowerPoint s templates to help you create a new presentation, regardless of its subject matter. PowerPoint installs with a wide variety of presentation templates featuring various designs and colour schemes. In addition to using templates that come preinstalled with Office, if your computer is connected to the Internet, you can download PowerPoint templates from for use with your presentations.
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Click the File tab. Click New. Click Sample templates.
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You can click New from existing to create a new presentation based on the template of an existing one.
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Click a template.
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PowerPoint displays a preview of the template design.
Click Create. PowerPoint creates the presentation using the template you chose and displays it in Normal view. You can add your own text to each slide.
Whenever you start PowerPoint, it displays a blank slide. You can use this blank slide as the first slide in your presentation, adding more slides and formatting them as needed. Alternatively, if you are already working on a presentation, you can create a new blank presentation from scratch using the File menu. Building a presentation in this manner rather than choosing from one of PowerPoint s existing templates allows you the freedom to create your own colour schemes and apply your own design touches. If you build a presentation that you particularly like, you can save it as a template for future use.
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Click the File tab. Click New. Click Blank presentation. Click Create. PowerPoint creates a new presentation with one blank slide.
If you create a presentation that you particularly like you can turn that presentation into a template file that you can reuse. Click the File tab and then click Save As. In the Save As dialog box, click the Save as type and choose PowerPoint Template.Type a name for the template in the File name field and click Save. PowerPoint saves the presentation as a template.
You can use PowerPoint s views to change how your presentation appears on-screen. By default, PowerPoint displays your presentation in Normal view, with the Slides tab showing the order of slides in your presentation. You can view the Outline tab to see your presentation in an outline format or switch to Slide Sorter view to see all the slides at the same time. In addition to changing PowerPoint views, you can use the PowerPoint zoom settings to change the magnification of a slide. You can also change the size of the panes in the PowerPoint window, making them larger or smaller as needed.
Use Outline View 1 While in Normal view, click the Outline tab.
PowerPoint displays the presentation in an outline format.
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You can click the outline text to edit it. You can click a slide icon to view the slide.
Use Slides View 1 Click the Slides tab.
PowerPoint displays the current slide in the presentation. To view a particular slide, you can click the slide in the Slides tab. To close the tabs pane entirely and free up on-screen workspace, you can click the .