Figure 1.9 Verify SQL Server debugging capabilities. in .NET

Generation QR Code in .NET Figure 1.9 Verify SQL Server debugging capabilities.
Figure 1.9 Verify SQL Server debugging capabilities.
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Figure 1.10 Component Update screen.
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Installing Visual Studio .NET
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To install Visual Studio .NET, you must be logged on with an account that has administrative permissions. The first thing that needs to be performed is a component update. This will check your system and install any necessary updates prior to installing Visual Studio .NET. See Figure 1.10. The component update will give you the option of assigning a name and password for automatic logon and continue during the setup. The setup takes a while, and this option will keep you from waiting for each reboot. Step 2 of the setup is the actual installation of Visual Studio .NET. The main screen for the Visual Studio .NET setup is shown in Figure 1.11. You can select which items you want to install, and which items should be run from the installation media. There is about 1 GB of documentation. If you lack space on your drive, you may want to change the documentation setting from Local Source to From Source. The From Source option requires you to make the installation media available when you need access to the documentation. When the installation is complete, a summary page will be displayed. Be careful, because if there is an installation error, this screen will display a message stating that errors were reported. You can view the setup log from this screen. The last item in the Visual Studio .NET installation is to check for updates. You can check the Internet for updates, or install the update from disk. You can also check for updates later.
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Introducing ASP.NET
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Figure 1.11 Selecting the Visual Studio .NET setup options.
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Installing Visual SourceSafe Server
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Visual SourceSafe is included with the Developer and Architect Editions of Visual Studio .NET, but it doesn t install by default. Insert the CD that has the VSS folder, navigate to that folder, and run the setup.exe program. You will have the option to install a stand-alone version of SourceSafe or a shared database version (Figure 1.12). You will install the shared database version. Looking back at the Development Environment diagram at the beginning of the chapter, you can see that this installation should be on a separate machine. If you don t have access to a separate server, it s okay to install Visual SourceSafe on your machine. Just remember that your disaster recovery plan for this machine is more important than ever. The installation will search your drives, looking for an existing installation of Visual SourceSafe. If it finds an existing installation, you will be prompted to select this folder or select a different folder. If you perform this installation on your computer, skip over the Visual SourceSafe Client installation, to the Windows Administration section.
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Installing Visual SourceSafe Client
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If you installed Visual SourceSafe on a separate machine, you now need to install the Visual SourceSafe client on your machine. First, share the folder on the server that Visual SourceSafe was installed into. Next, from your machine, navigate to the SourceSafe share, and run the NetSetup.exe program.
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Figure 1.12 Selecting the Shared Database version in the Visual SourceSafe setup.
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Next, Visual SourceSafe will search your drives for an existing installation. If Visual SourceSafe finds an existing installation, you will be prompted to select that folder or create a new folder. You will be able to select the desired folder and continue with the installation. The Visual SourceSafe Client will need to be installed on each workstation that requires access to the Visual SourceSafe database.
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Windows 2000 Administration
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Your development should be done using the least possible permissions. This keeps any would-be hackers from doing damage to your machine while using your security context. This also helps to ensure that your code will operate with a standard user account when your application moves to a production environment. Depending on how you set up your computer, this account creation process will vary. If you are not in a domain environment, you will add a local user account using Local Users and Computers. This tool is accessible by right-clicking My Computer, and clicking Manage. If you are in a domain environment, use Active Directory Users and Computers, which is available by clicking Start, Programs, Administrative Tools. The new account needs to be added to the Debugger Users group and the VS Developers group. The Debugger Users group allows you to debug your applications. The VS Developers group gives you permissions to create ASP.NET Web projects.
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